Women Love to Sport Wide Brim Hats – The Best Picks for the Stylish Ladies

If you take a look the style accessory domain for women, you will know that hats are back in fashion. And today, a hat is a style-conscious women’s best friend. If you have been in social media, you will notice that the new-age women celebrities and fashion influencers flaunt their hats and share various posts about them.

Also, there are times when you need to secure your head and face from the elements. And at times, women need a hat just to cover their bad hair day. But at times, women get confused about the hats they can choose and wear. However, a wide brim hat is something that is common with most women. It makes them appear graceful feminine and also have practical use.

The wide brim hat basics

If you look at the wide brim hats available for women, you will come across various variants like Panama hats, bucket hats, ranchers, Straw hats, sun hats, and fedoras. Regardless of whether you want to search for a hat that you can sport at a beach or wear for your dinner date, the wide-brimmed hats will add more style and chic to your look. These hats can add to your overall appeal and simultaneously offer great sun protection to your head and shoulders. And there are times when you will find that the wide brim hats come along with the chin straps that will prevent the hat from falling out of your head in case there is a strong wind.

For women who have a large or average build, they can opt-in for hats with a brim that’s three to four inches. It will complement their look and will also add to their individual style. Some of the famous wide brim hats for style-conscious women include the following:

  1. The classic fedora

Previously, the fedora hat was common amongst men. However, today even women are flaunting this hat style and have made it a crucial style accessory. So, whenever you find that a woman is sporting a fedora, irrespective of the shade or fabric, you will know that she is making a bold style statement. The hat is highly notable through is distinctive ribbon on the base and the folded top. If you want to sport this hat, you can wear it with your pant attires, such as trousers, jumpsuits, jeans that will add an edge to your overall personality.

  1. The wide brim fedora

People tend to call the wide brim fedora as the safari hat. However, it is a trendy style accessory for women today. The hat can get noticed easily for its wide brim, high to the medium crown, center dent that makes a stunning style statement. For most women, the wide brim fedora counts as a smart winter hat, because it usually gets made of heavy fabric, such as high-quality felt or wool. You can sport it anytime you wish to add some jazz to your attire or you wish to hide your unwashed hair or unkempt hair.

  1. The cowboy hat

The fashion secret for women to sport a cowboy hat inspired from the western world, is to dress up unconventionally. You can also sport this hat with a pair of jeans and flannel shirt to look classy and casual. But the cowboy hat is a statement-making hat that demands a dressier look, such as a cashmere sweater or a fur vest. You can experiment with your looks to check which one complements your style preference and mood best. Today, several online videos are available that provide you with the necessary guidance to sport a cowboy hat with complete elan.

  1. The floppy hat

If you thought that the wide brim hats for women are only for the beach vacations and summer months, you need to know more. A wide-brimmed, soft floppy hat which comes with a bohemian vibe is perfect to be worn with all your attires that are available in natural fabrics, for instance a furry vest that you will find most style bloggers flaunting lately. On the other hand, you might also want to wear a floppy hat during the winter and pair it with a dark-colored floral dress along with your ankle boots. It will create a natural feminine look.

  1. The sun hat

When it comes to the sun hat material, it is usually made of straw or cotton. But the straw sun hats are more popular amongst women that they can wear with their beach outputs. This hat is both functional and fashionable. It can protect your face, eyes, neck, and head from the sun’s harsh rays and make sure that you look cute and graceful.

Most women today want to appear stylish and trendy. That’s why they choose their style accessories accordingly. Hence, when it comes to the wide brim hats for women, the options mentioned in this article will help the stylish woman choose the ones that cater to her style sense and mood.

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