4 Ways to Build an Inclusive Office Premise

Having inclusive office premises can prove to be one of the biggest advantages of a company. Employees and staff feel welcomed at an inclusive office premises. When they feel that they belong to a particular group, it leads to high motivation which is reflected in their performance.

However, building inclusive office premises takes effort on the employer’s part. There is no doubt that an inclusive workplace has a ton of benefits. However, the organization needs to work hard to build a place where the employees feel included.

The following are four ways that will help you build an inclusive office premise.

Implement A Sense Of Belonging

One of the ways to create an inclusive office premise is to implement a sense of belonging. For this, you need to make sure that each employee feels that he is part of the entity. The key is to incorporate all cultures, religions, races, and their respect into the daily norms of the company.

You can implement this point by having separate prayer areas, cultural references such as paintings on walls, and inviting different people to talk about their religion or culture.

This will promote mutual respect for all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Accessibility and Mobility

Small efforts to ensure accessibility and mobility for all kinds of people can make the office premises inclusive. Both the premises and different parts of the organization shall be accessible and mobile for everyone.

This includes having a shuttle service from the bus station to the office building, ramps, railings, lifts, common rooms, height-adjustable chairs, ADA signs, accessible workstations, etc.


Another good way to promote inclusiveness in the workplace is to delegate tasks that are important or integral to the business. For example, including some employees in client meetings or taking your staff’s opinion to onboard a client or not.

When the employees are part of important discussions and remain upfront, it leads them to work with more dedication because they feel that they have a stake in the company.

Tasks of great responsibility make the employees feel that they have a point to prove and consider the goals of the company as their own.

As you need to provide as much comfort to employees as possible, it is advisable to delegate some work to a foundation repair contractor to make sure your building can accommodate all the facilities without putting anyone in danger. 


Having an inclusive office space means meeting the needs of the employees and the best way to meet their needs is by asking them how things have been going. One way to do this is by conducting surveys or taking feedback from time to time.

The feedback or surveys may contain questions about the workplace, motivation levels, the attitude of the senior management, comfort in the organization, relations with other employees, and whether they are free to give their opinions in the workplace.

All the above-mentioned points and employees’ views on them would help create or further improve these things by implementing them in the workplace.

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