Product Rule

Do you know about differentiation ?. NO!. Let me tell you, differentiation is one of the branches of calculus that deals with the finding of derivatives of a given function. There are various differentiation rules such as chain rule, quotient rule, the difference and sum rule, and many more. Likewise, product rule is one of the types of differentiation rule which helps to find the derivative of a given function, provided that: the function should be in the form of two differentiable functions. The rule of product or product rule follows the concepts of two branches of calculus: derivatives and limits directly. The opposite of the product rule is the quotient rule. The quotient rule is also one of the methods of finding the derivative of a function but in the form of a ratio of two differentiable functions. In this article, we will try to cover some basic concepts such as: what is calculus, applications of calculus, and many more.

What is Calculus?

The subject mathematics has been derived into various types of branches such as algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and so on. Calculus can be considered one of the most significant branches of mathematics. It can be defined as the branch that covers continuous change. Calculus has been further classified into two types: Derivatives and Limits. Derivatives can be defined as the rate of change in the quantity of a given form with respect to the other form. For example, the rate of change in the given velocity with respect to the time given can be defined as acceleration. Here, velocity is changing with respect to the given time. The process of finding a derivative is regarded as differentiation. Limits can be defined as the values used to represent derivatives, integrals, and continuity. We shall cover some important applications of calculus in our everyday life in the next few sections.

Some Real-life Applications of Calculus

As mentioned above, calculus is regarded as the important branch of mathematics which deals with or covers continuous change. The following points discusses some important real-life applications of Calculus:

  • In order to predict a future for the given function, we need to deal with the system to find an optimal solution. This can be done with the help of Calculus.
  • There are various fields where calculus plays a very major role. Some of them are as follows: To find the areas of various complicated geometrical shapes, to evaluate a given survey, the safety measures of a vehicle, the planning of business, and many more that affect us.
  • The use of calculus can also be seen in the concept of exponential decay and growth. The exponential decay is the decrement of a given quantity. Such as a decrease in the radioactive powers, half-life, etc. The exponential growth is the increment in a given quantity. Such as birth rate, compound interest, covid virus, and many more.
  • Calculus is used as a language in various fields by economists, architects, biologists, statisticians, medical experts, and many more. The engineers and architects use calculus as a method to determine the shapes and sizes of various gigantic buildings.

Therefore, we can conclude that Calculus plays a very important and major role in our everyday life. Hence, this concept should be dealt with proper care and guidance. In order to study and understand these concepts in a detailed manner, in a fun way, and in an interesting manner, you may visit the website of Cuemath. It is a leading online platform that deals with online teaching. The team of Cuemath comprises highly experienced and qualified teachers who will help to succeed and excel in every aspect of Mathematics. You can visit the Cuemath website and book a free session now.

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