Intellectual Property Protection & IP Agents

Intellectual property (IP) is the creation of a mind such as ideas, plans, strategies, names, etc. including:

  • Literature
  • Art
  • Inventions
  • Designs, concepts
  • Logos
  • Symbols
  • Images
  • Names

To protect your innovative creation or research findings you need to hire intellectual property agents or a lawyer that will help you to acquire trademarks, copyrights.

Need to Protect IP

Nowadays, the digital world has developed its roots in every field. Businesses companies have been benefited from internet and digital approaches but there is always a threat of being misused of your own ideas and creations. Thus, there is a serious need to protect your intellectual property through proper legal channels. It will:

Keep your idea and creation safe: according to different domains and types of intellectual property, there are right registration processes including patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Help you to have intellectual property rights in an easier way: copyright registration process is no time taking or costly. It is free and easy to apply.

Protect your business growth and development: in case of having a small enterprise or if you are an entrepreneur then you must go for protecting your creative ideas and work from being theft.


Copyright is the enforcement of protection given to the owner or author of creative work or intellectual property. The Copyright consultant ensures registration of copyright, patent protection of copyright owner, and provides legal protection pieces of advice. Primary duties copyright registration consultants Dubai and intellectual property consultants are:

Ensuring intellectual property rights: the agents will ensure that your intellectual property is safe and protected from being copied and used without your permission.

Filing copyright registration applications: they will help to fill out application forms for legal protection against competitors.

Enforcing protection laws of intellectual: these agents will make sure to take legal actions against companies who try to use your property without your permission, misuse of your property, and non-compliance use of the property.

Key Responsibilities

There are responsibilities provided by agents to protect intellectual property and administration of intellectual profiles. Major duties are related to copyright, patents, trademarks, and license of intellectual property.

  • The intellectual property agents need to supervise and maintain the trademark, patent, and copyright documents. They will manage and schedule all auctions.
  • Scheduling license of intellectual property
  • Cost analysis of the overall procedures of patents and copyrights
  • Data extraction from sources to study databases from departments
  • Detailed budget and expense observation
  • External parties’ dealings on license contracts
  • They are responsible for proper paperwork and application submission to relevant agencies
  • Their duty is to check and approve the documentation process for copyrights and trademarks regarding the rules and laws.
  • They are responsible to maintain the intellectual property authority process involving invoice management.
  • They will contact property regulation authorities and counsels.
  • Manage the legal documentation and corresponding work for intellectual property rights.


To protect your intellectual property, it seems to cover different strategic techniques and processes. Intellectual property agents will help you to cover all the domains regarding intellectual property right registration, handling, planning, and execution of legal processes. Copyright registration consultants Dubai will treat each of the intellectual properties differently including scientific research, new ideas, marketing strategies, creative artwork, and designs.

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