How to Find the RIGHT Recruiter for Your Medical Job Search [5 Rules to Live By]

If you’re on the hunt for a new medical career, consider hiring a recruiter to speed up the job process.

It might seem weird to pay someone to help you find a job, but if the recruiter is good, it will be well worth it. Working with a recruiter is an especially good idea if you’re a high-level employee with high demands.

It might not make sense for an entry-level worker, but when you’re searching for a high-salary, a recruiter can be your most valuable asset.

A good recruiter not only puts you in touch with important decision-makers, they’ll also help you refine your resume, prepare you for interviews, and make you the best candidate you can possibly be.

Your recruiter must appreciate you as a candidate and have connections in the industry you’re trying to break into.

Here are 5 rules to live by when you consider hiring a recruiter to help you with your search.

Ask for Recommendations 

One of the easiest ways to find the right headhunter is to ask for recommendations.

Reach out to friends, neighbors, LinkedIn contacts, family members, and other contacts to find out if they’ve worked with a recruiter and who they’d recommend.

Finding a job is all about networking. Not only can you network help you land a job, they can also provide the tools to help you find it.

Find a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Recruiters spend a ton of time on LinkedIn, so meet them where they are by creating a great LinkedIn profile.

In your profile, include a professional headshot and a detailed work history. In your headline, add something like “Currently Seeking New Opportunities in [Your Field].” This will let recruiters know that you’re looking for help finding a new job.

And don’t just wait for recruiters to find your profile, do a search for headhunters in your area and send them a message.

Do Extensive Research 

If you think you’ve found the right recruiter, do your research before putting all your eggs in one basket.

Check and see if the recruiter has been with the same company for a fixed length of time. If they have moved around a lot, it’s probably not a good sign.

Check whether the recruiter is an expert in just a few areas or more. Specialized recruiters can be great if you only want to work in one field. If you’re not sure what you want to do, try to work with a more general recruiter.

One major advantage of a specialized recruiter is that they’ll have more connections in that specific industry. They’ll also have insights on what companies are hiring and what companies you don’t want to work for,

Ask for References 

When you find a few recruiters that you like, ask for references and check them thoroughly.

You should also talk to clients about their experience with the headhunter and what their thoughts are on them.  Also, ask them whether they’d like to use the recruiter again.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the recruiter and company. The recruiter must fit with your style and be willing to help you reach your career goals.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes it’s a lot more than just researching a potential recruiter. It’s just as important to trust your gut.

A recruiter can have plenty of references, certifications, and testimonials, but that isn’t a substitute for chemistry.

You should like the recruiter’s presence and personality. Make sure you meet them at least once.

If a recruiter is top notch, then they will work tirelessly to learn all about your professional history and what you hope to achieve in your career going forward.

They should also be willing to offer successful advice throughout the job hunt.

If you have questions, they should also get back to your phone calls and emails promptly. Never settle for less.

If you take the time to find the right recruiter for your job search you’ll be more likely to land the job of your dreams.

However, keep in a mind that there are no guarantees a headhunter will find the exact job you’re seeking.

Despite that, if they’re good at what they do they’ll do everything in their power to align you with the very best connections.

Also, even though you may have a recruiter doesn’t mean you should stop with your job search efforts.

It’s alright to explore job opportunities and apply for them on your own.

Don’t rely on a recruiter for everything, although it is nice knowing they’ve got your back.

Keep your headhunter fully apprised of your job hunt and work as a team so you can hopefully land a job that’s the ideal fit for you.

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