Catastrophic Injuries in Car Accidents: What Victims Can Expect When It Comes to Compensation

If you have been in a car accident caused by another driver, you may be suffering from injuries that require medical treatment. But some car accidents are serious enough that lead to catastrophic injuries. Typically, this kind of injury allows claimants to get greater compensation because of their seriousness. When you sustain a catastrophic injury, you may need to deal with continued medical bills and treatment, lost income, and continued pain and suffering. If you are in this case, you need to get legal advice from an experienced car accident attorney. 

Catastrophic Accidents and Injuries

Although nearly all accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries, the common kinds of catastrophic accidents include car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip and fall accidents. The most common injuries victims sustain include spinal cord injuries, serious physical injuries, and cognitive injuries. These injuries result in permanent disability, serious functional limitation, incapacitation, amputation, multiple bone fractures, loss of sight, serious neurological disorders, burn injuries, and others. Any type of injury that results in long-term paralysis, impairment, or disability or requires life-long treatment is considered a catastrophic injury. 

Settlement Offers for Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries create significant financial debt because of medical bills, surgeries, therapy appointments, medicines, and hospitalizations. And as sufferers may not be able to return to work, they could face additional financial burdens and debt. 

Aside from lost wages and medical bills, the majority of seriously injured car accident victims suffer experience pain and suffering, which can result in emotional and psychological problems. Often, a more serious injury that requires longer recovery can mean greater compensation for the victim. Under the law, the negligent driver should make the injured victim whole. If catastrophic injuries happen, the compensation that victims may require for their lifetime of care, income replacement, rehab, and treatment can be quite significant. 

On average, victims can receive $20, 000 to $75, 000 in settlement for their catastrophic injuries. These injuries can dramatically change your life. If you sustained a catastrophic injury, you may feel disoriented. Working with an experienced lawyer increases your chances of getting the maximum compensation you deserve while reducing related stress. 

For a judge to decide the settlement amount, they would require detailed medical documentation and expert testimonies. The main challenge victims face as they try to get a fair settlement is the insurance company’s fierce opposition. Because catastrophic injuries often entail big payouts, insurers and other parties responsible for a car accident will fight to reduce the amount. So, if you are one of these victims, you will only have a chance at winning the case if you have an attorney on your side. 

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