DIY Cushion Covers: The Ultimate Guide to Home Decorating

You’ve got a cushion, now let’s make it fabulous! Turn boring cushion covers into something amazing with these simple cushion-cover tutorials. From cushion covers made from an unusual material like bubble wrap to cushion covers that are soft and furry or even lace cushion covers, there is something here for any sewing level. These cushion cover ideas will brighten up your home, bring back old memories, refresh your room with some colour or just look all around cool. So keep reading to find the perfect cushion cover for you!

Before you get started on any of these projects listed below I recommend checking out this post … it’ll give you some general guidelines about different types of fabrics, what fabric weights and common terms used in sewing mean and how to choose the right thread.

DIY cushion covers using different types of fabric

The easiest cushion cover DIY project is to re-cover your cushion with a new cushion cover from an old T-shirt or just some fabric you have at home. So, let’s start this cushion cover tutorial list with something really easy!

Here’s how to make a cushion cover out of an old t-shirt:

What you will need:

Old tee shirt (which kind of depends on the size), scissors, pins, ruler, marker pen or chalk pencil (if you don’t want to draw on the tee), cushion insert.

  How to make it:

1) Cut 2 identical pieces of fabric (sides and back). Don’t forget to add few cm’s for the cushion.

2) Place them on top of each other with sides inwards (if you want to make reversible cushion cover like this one, cut out fabric in reverse). Pin them together.

3) Sew along edges (0,8cm or 3/8 inch), leaving only cushion opening unsown. For cushion opening I recommend zigzag-stitch or over lock stitch. Don’t sew along the bottom part!

4) Turn cushion cover inside out and place cushion insert inside. It should fit comfortably without being too big or too small. If it’s too tight you can take a bit off with scissors – but try not to alter the shape too much because your cushion needs to have certain dimensions.

5) Now you can sew the cushion opening along with straight stitch (if you like it really neat, use top stitch). But before you does that make sure to put cushion inside and fold over the two sides first. This way your cushion will not fall through when turning cushion cover right side out. When sewing along cushion opening remember to leave 5cm or 2 inch unsown on both sides so that they are easier for cushion insertion.

6) Turn cushion cover right side out and place cushion on top of it, making sure all seams are nicely aligned on the back side. If everything is okay, tuck in ends of fabric on each edge less than 1 cm or ½ an inch so they don’t stick out once you turn cushion cover back in.

7) Hand sews or machine sews cushion cover opening along the edge with a straight stitch.

8) Tuck in cushion inside and enjoy your new cushion! 🙂

You can add a bit of decoration to cushion’s front side if you have any contrasting fabric left from cutting cushion cover pieces.

Here are few ideas for different cushion covers:

Why not make matching sets? Like this cushion making tutorial…


Here is yet another easy but lovely idea on how to re-use old shirts or blouses that, let’s face it, we no longer wear because they’ve either become too tight or just not comfortable anymore – but don’t throw them out just yet!

What you will need:

-Old shirt or blouse (depending on cushion size), cushion insert, pins, ruler, chalk pencil/maker pen, scissors, sewing machine.

How to make it:

1) Cut cushion cover by following the shape of your cushion. Leave cushion opening unsewn as shown on picture below so you can easily turn cushion cover inside out and put cushion inside. If you’re a beginner I recommend measuring twice before cutting.

2) Turn cushion cover right side out and sew edges along with straight stitch or zigzag stitch. Remember to leave 5cm or 2 inch unsewn on both sides for easier insertion of cushion into cushion cover. This way there won’t be any need for cushion poking fingers!

3) Sew cushion opening along with straight stitch. Tuck cushion inside and enjoy your new cushion cover.


Although cushion making tutorial wasn’t that difficult, you can add much more decorations to cushion front side if you have contrasting fabric left from cushion cover pieces.

As usual I’ve made this cushion cover using shirt or blouse that no longer fitted me and turned it into a cushion in just few minutes! Now I’m wondering what other garments and fabrics could be re-used for something new and creative.

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