How to Preserve Your Welcome Home Banners for Long Periods

Banners made of vinyl are typically very durable. Flexible polyvinyl chloride – the material used to manufacture high-quality banners is a lightweight synthetic plastic. It’s known for being durable, long-lasting, and weather resistant. Not even years of water damage can damage these waterproof and fade-resistant banners.

Custom-printed welcome home banners made of vinyl are ideal for outdoor and indoor environments. However, welcome banners are items that hold a lot of emotional value. Every family that uses these banners to greet loved ones returning from long journeys wants to preserve them forever.

Can welcome banners made of vinyl be preserved for decades? Yes. With the right preservation tactics, users can store their welcome banners for decades. Here’s how.

Keeping Your Vinyl Welcome Banners Clean and Shiny

Banners will get dirty – whether they’re in use or not. Thankfully, vinyl banners are waterproof, meaning that users can wash them whenever they get dirty. However, you do run the risk of causing permanent fading or damages to your banners if you machine-wash them. To avoid fading or damaging your vinyl banners, take the following steps

  • Clean the vinyl banners with water, mild soap, and sponges or microfiber cloths.
  • Never apply abrasive cleaners on your banners. Avoid using cleaning products that contain alcohol, acetone, or gasoline.
  • Never apply solvents that contain chemicals such as paint thinner or acetone to your vinyl banners.
  • If your welcome banner has been outdoors for over 24 hours, clean it instantly.
  • Clean the welcome banners in your storage at least once every three months.

While cleaning your banners, rub the heavily soiled with soft sponges. Soap and water will remove the more stubborn stains on your banner. Before re-hanging or storing your welcome banners, dry them completely. Keep them out in the sun for drying. Don’t worry – vinyl is highly resistant against UV sun rays.

What Not to Do as a Welcome Banner Owner

There are some steps banner owners should never take while storing or cleaning their products. Some of them include –

  • Fuel Contact:Allowing fuels to contact your welcome banners is like waiting for a disaster to happen. Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride contains chlorine atoms. When combusted, it can form corrosive hydrochloric acids. You don’t need exposure to these types of chemicals at home. The best way to avoid these risks is by storing the banners in places with zero fuel contact.
  • Mechanical Brush Washing: The strong bristles on mechanical brushes can cause vinyl banners to chip/peel. The graphics on your banner may fade or start looking dull if you constantly apply hard brushes on the banners.
  • Pressure Washing:Pressure washing is not the ideal cleaning technique for welcome banners. Unless your banner features stains that are impossible to remove, never use the pressure washing technique. Try other cleaning methods to clean your banner, as pressure washing is guaranteed to damage the graphics on the banner.

Lastly and most importantly – always purchase welcome banners made of vinyl from reputable sellers. The best sellers of custom banners use premium-grade vinyl materials that are extremely durable.

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