Best Dresses To Wear In Indian Weddings

It is important to mention that Indian weddings constitute the biggest headache for most people. It is especially graver for the girls because more than the wedding they are concerned about the kind of dresses they have to wear on that occasion. Usually, the preparation of the dresses starts a long time prior from the date of the actual wedding in order to avoid any confusion and choose the best dress for yourself. 

This blog post will try to help all those girls who are confused with respect to the best dresses which are suitable for an Indian wedding. The list of the best types of Indian dresses meant for Indian weddings has been given in the following way for the convenience of the girls.


Saree is considered to be one of the most important and traditional attire of India. It has a great sense of belongingness to the Indian women’s personality. Most Indian women prefer wearing a saree for wedding because it gives them a very decent and sober look. 

 Most of the women in India also wear wedding sarees casually. This shows the kind of attachment that an Indian woman has with a saree. The design of the saree should be attractive and beautiful so that you look pretty different in the same way. You can decide any design and shade depending on your choice. 

Heavy suits

If some women are genuinely not interested in wearing a saree or they do not want to hear a saree, then suits can definitely be a better alternative of wedding dresses. The best advantage of a suit is that it is very convenient to carry it. It is perfect for weddings in the winter season because you cannot even imagine wearing a saree at that point of time. 

You can decide the type of the suit according to your preference. Mostly heavy suits or anarkali suits are preferred in the wedding seasons. Most of the women in Punjab wear suits during Indian weddings as compared to any other kind of dress that can be worn. 


If you are going to attend a wedding of a very close relative, then it is advisable that you prefer wearing a lengha dress. The lehenga and choli would be giving you a very traditional look altogether. This would also provide a better scope of looking much more attractive. The design of the lehenga can be according to your preference.

Fish cut lehenga and Rajasthani Lehenga are becoming very common designs and you can definitely choose one between the two. You can also get this type of wedding dress customised according to the presence of the women who want to wear it through a boutique. 


It has to be concluded that these are the most amazing types of dresses that can be worn by a person for an Indian wedding. Whether you pick saree, lengha, heavy suits for wedding, choose the colour and style that complement your personality. Also, make sure you are comfortable in that dress. This will ultimately boost the look of every woman. You can look explore online for the wonderful designs, colours, patterns, and fabric trending these days.  There are many online platforms which offer huge variety at reasonable prices. You can definitely promise yourself to look the most beautiful person in the Indian wedding.  


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