4 Things that Proper Oilfield Equipment Must Include

If you’re working in the petroleum industry, there are quite a few things you need to pay attention to – from your employees and their level of productivity to coming up with an effective marketing strategy – but there’s one thing that makes everything else less important: the equipment you use every single day. This is what’s ultimately going to make or break your company and turn into an establishment that deserves all the time, attention, and care the users and clients are ready to give you. So, using proper oilfield equipment is a must in this industry, and here are a few things that will show you what all oilfield equipment needs to include.

Drilling rigs

These are among the most important things in the petroleum industry and there’s no way that this industry could work without all those amazing drilling rigs doing all the hard work. These machines are in charge of drilling holes in the ground – hence their name – and their main job is to drill holes that can be used for drilling natural gas and bringing it to the surface. They’re also used for several other things that make the petroleum industry so useful in this day and age – from installing fabrications under the surfaces to handling the process of managing underground tunnels – which is why all companies in this industry rely on drilling rigs more than they can explain. These rigs have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1850s, and they’ll help this industry move forward in the future as well.

Shale shakers

Another crucial element of this entire process is the separation system on a rig that makes solid structures less solid and thus enables access to natural gas. This is where shale shakers come into play and separate large solid pieces of the ground from the mud that surrounds it – this process is neither easy nor simple, which is why this piece of equipment is so crucial in the long run. However, the efficiency of these shakers isn’t the best thing about them – their biggest role in the drilling process is the fact that they promote sustainability and enable the fluids used in this process to be used over and over again. This is something we all need to make the petroleum industry eco-friendly and change the paradigm of the oil and gas companies being responsible for all the bad things happening to the environment around the globe.

Gate valves

Among all those tiny items that make the petroleum industry what it is, these are among the tiniest and most important ones. Gate valves are responsible for making sure that different fluids have a clear path before them and can ensure the perfect flow resistance. This makes the entire process easier, simpler, quicker, and, most importantly, more effective and successful. However, not all gate valves are the same, which is why you need to insist on using the best models on the market because only these effective oilfield equipment pieces will give you the results you’re looking for. So, if you notice that your gate valves aren’t working properly, don’t hesitate to replace them immediately and stick to models that are guaranteed to work perfectly.

Sand pumps

In the end, you probably already know that the oil and gas industry relies on lots of different pumps that are supposed to make it all work easily – from oil transfer pumps to gear pumps, these make everything simpler and more organized. However, sand pumps are among the most important pumps out there because they’re in touch with different elements and materials, including sand and oil, and help unnecessary particles leave the process of production. This is what helps the oil and gas industry become clean and organized, but also eco-friendly and effective. Instead of hiring tons of people who would do these things manually, the companies in this industry stick to sand pumps that save them tons of time and money at the same time.

Some of the other equipment every professional in the petroleum industry needs include stabbing guides, mud cleaners, workover rigs, and various cooling units that introduce a new level of safety in the entire process and keep everyone safe and protected every step of the way.

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