Winners Of The Golden Bat Awards For The Champions Trophy

The “Golden Bat” is awarded to the player who scores the most runs at the Champions Trophy. There has been more than one player from India who has finished in the top five run scorers on multiple occasions. Shikhar Dhawan of India triumphed over Rohit Sharma of India and Tamim Iqbal of Bangladesh to claim the title of best opener in the 2017 competition. Despite the fact that both of the guys played really well, Shikhar Dhawan was victorious in the competition.

Philo Wallace, a right-handed batter who was originally from the West Indies, was the first person to be awarded the Golden Bat. The following season, it was awarded to Sourav Ganguly, an Indian batsman who bats right-handed. Virender Sehwag was a member of the Indian squad that triumphed in the Champions Trophy in the year 2002. He continued the tradition of India producing powerful batsmen, which goes back a long way in the country’s history.

Marcus Trescothick, who captained England at the time, had the most runs in 2004, but Chris Gayle, who captained West Indies at the time, shattered the record in 2006 with 474 runs scored. In 2004, Trescothick had how many runs batted in for him? Ricky Ponting, a former team captain who scored 288 runs to lead the competition, is the only player from Australia to make the cut and advance. He will now compete against other players from other countries.

Shikhar Dhawan batsleft-handed for India and is a left-handed batter. He has been instrumental in India’s success at the Champions Trophy, which has been held in England for the previous two years in a row. Since then, he has had an incredible run of success at the plate.

  • Here is a list of the people who have scored the most runs in the Champions Trophy –
  • Philo Wallace –

The stylish player was a right-handed batsman, and he was much of a challenge for the bowlers in the first Champions Trophy (which used to be called the KnockOut Trophy) event that included Test-playing countries. Even though the West Indies’ first batter made a hundred on a day that turned out to be important, it wasn’t enough to stop South Africa from winning by a small margin.

Still, the beautiful right-handed batter used by the West Indies would have been hard to miss for the whole tournament. The right-handed batter scored a total of 221 runs during the tournament. His highest score was 103, which he got in the championship game against the Proteas. But Wallace’s career ended at the end of the next year when he played his last game against the Proteas. This was in the year 2000.

  • Sourav Ganguly –

It’s only natural that an Indian will be at the top of the list of run-scorers at some point, and that’s exactly what happened in 2000 when the tricky left-handed Sourav Ganguly did it. The ease with which he did flips and pull shots was one of the best things about him when he was at his best.

The Indian batsman finished the competition with 348 runs, which helped India get to the finals, where they faced New Zealand. In the end, India came in second. The left-handed batter didn’t make a single mistake during his 141-run innings against South Africa in the semi-finals or his smooth 117-run performance against New Zealand in the championship match. Chris Cairns, an all-rounder for New Zealand, led his team to victory and took the crown back from Sourav and the other players. This surprised everyone.

  • Virender Sehwag –

Punit Parankpe was the photographer whose work was utilized by AFP and Getty Images to illustrate the legendary Indian batter Virender Sehwag.

During the competition that took place in 2002, the participant from India known as Virender Sehwag was the one who racked up the most runs. He was another opener hailing from India who accomplished this feat. The right-handed batsman issued the challenge, which resulted in the bowlers collapsing in a variety of directions.

Sehwag was successful in racking up runs despite facing bowlers from a variety of countries in the course of his career. He finished with 271 runs despite playing against sides like England and Zimbabwe as well as South Africa. When playing against England, the right-handed batsman produced his greatest game of the tournament, scoring 126 runs off of 104 balls. This was by far the most impressive performance over the entirety of the competition.

The title of Champion’s Trophy was earned by Marcus Trescothick in the year 2004. He came in fourth place overall (England)

  • Marcus Trescothick –

Left-handed Marcus Trescothick, an English batsman, recently took part in a match that will be ingrained in his memory forever. Even if England’s performance was hindered by playing at home, the fact that they had a southpaw who provided them a stronger opportunity to win theĀ last champions trophy.

Trescothick scored a combined total of 261 runs throughout the four games that he participated in. The left-handed batter saved his best performance for last when he drove in 104 runs while facing 124 pitches. In total, he was pitched 124 times. The opening match was England’s first step toward the title game, which would be played against West Indies. England’s opponent in the championship game would be West Indies.

  • Chris Gayle –

Chris Gayle, the left-handed opener for the West Indies, was a significant contributor to the team’s success since he amassed a high number of runs during the match. The southpaw’s 474 runs are the most that any single batter has ever scored in the annals of the tournament, breaking the record previously held by any other batter

The left-handed player finished the competition with an average score of 79 and a high score of 133. There were a total of eight games in the competition. Nevertheless, this turned out to be the catch of the competition. The Caribbean team was able to advance to the championship match thanks to Gayle’s three hundred, where they faced off against the invincible Australian team.

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