What to Consider When Building a Custom Gaming Laptop

When you want to get more from your gaming on the go experience, building a gaming laptop is an ideal choice. If you want to take your PC gaming hobby to the next level and enjoy more games on the go by having a laptop to play on, then a custom-built gaming laptop might be an ideal choice for you. Understanding how gaming laptops differ from traditional ones will help you determine what you need to build the high-performance gaming laptop that you want.

What is a Gaming Laptop?

Before you build a custom gaming laptop at, it’s important to understand what a gaming laptop is and what it isn’t. Many gaming laptops look a lot like a traditional laptop at first glance, but the truth is that there are various differences inside. To play games, your laptop needs to offer split-second response times along with sharp visuals, which are not often offered by regular laptops. Gaming puts an intense demand for resources on the system, so these laptops not only need powerful components, but also an efficient cooling system, and a strong battery.

Customizing Your Gaming Laptop

Once you are ready to start building your gaming laptops, there are various parts that you can customize to fit your unique gameplay style. Custom components allow you to determine just how much power you want to get from your system, along with allowing you to budget for each part. You will need some basics to create a good gaming laptop, which include:

Graphics Card

All PCs use some kind of GPU or graphics processing unit to render images and videos for display. Regular laptops tend to use integrated graphics, while on the other hand, a discrete graphics card will be necessary for a gaming laptop. These operate on a separate card, so the laptop is not using the internal memory for graphics rendering, allowing for better performance optimization.


There are two types of storage to choose from: SSD (solid state drive) or HDD (hard disk drive). Both of these types can be utilized in your gaming laptop. SSD has overall higher performance, as it works on a non-volatile flash memory with higher processing speeds compared to HDD. You can also use both an SSD and an HDD together to decrease loading times while increasing storage space.


Gaming is a process that utilizes RAM resources to their fullest, so it’s a good idea to get a generous amount of RAM on your gaming laptop for the best experience. If you want to build your custom gaming laptop on a budget, then check out the minimum requirements for the games that you play. Most games will require a minimum of 8GB; however, it is worth going for 16GB or above if you can afford to, as this will improve speed, performance and quality.

While there’s a lot of information out there about building a gaming PC, what if you want to game on the go? A custom gaming laptop can be an ideal choice.

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