What Jet Blasting Does To Your Drains And Pipes

Jet blasting is an effective and quick method used by plumbers in clearing a blocked drainage system. When grease, fat, hair, silt, and other foreign objects build up in your drainage system, they’ll lead to blockage of the drain. Jet blasting removes such blockages, allowing waste and water to flow smoothly.

And since dealing with blocked drains and pipes more often causes extreme stress and frustration among homeowners, finding the right way of unclogging them is vital. Although various effective DIY fixes will help unclog your drain or pipe, jet blasting offers a long-term solution and is considered the most effective method. Here’s what jet blasting does to your drains and pipes.

  • It Unclogs Your Drains And Pipes Thoroughly

Unlike most DIY and traditional methods, jet blasting is designed to unclog your drain thoroughly and effectively. 

From hair to grease, debris, sanitary items, and other waste from your home, jet blasters utilize high-pressure water to eliminate everything blocking your drains and pipes. This requires precision from jet blaster operators, who are trained extensively to perform this kind of job. For example, Dan’s Plumbing experts have the expertise to effectively remove all mineral or impurity buildup on the walls of your pipes.

  • It Protects Your Drains And Pipes 

A jet blaster is non-toxic as opposed to its counterpart, chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners have toxic and harmful substances that could corrode your pipe or drainage system. However, this is not the case for jet blasters, as they unclog drains and pipes using high-pressure water free of chemicals and harmful toxins. 

Furthermore, you can safely use this technique on all types of pipes, such as clay pipes, steel pipes, cast-iron pipes, cement sewer lines, and resin-based pipelines, to name a few. With a powerful blast, the jet blaster will unclog your pipe without causing adverse effects.

  • It’s Non-Invasive

To access drains and pipes to unclog blockages, plumbers often have to dig trenches to complete the work. Usually, this is time-consuming and expensive and predisposes your drains and pipes to physical damage. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to jet blasting.

With a jet blaster, you can unclog your drain or pipe without subjecting it to physical damage and digging trenches that can be expensive. This makes the whole process relatively easy and affordable.

  • It Protects Against Future Clogs

In every case of pipelining, jet blasting is the first and most vital procedure. Usually, you can’t install lining material when residues coat the inside wall of pipes. As a result, you’ll need a jet blaster to eliminate these residues. In addition to being a vital tool in preparing the pipeline for material lining, the jet blaster acts as a preventive care tool.

Using a jet blaster to unclog a blocked drain and pipe offers protection against future clogs. It does this by preventing pipe damage while removing blockages that, if left unattended, would result in bigger plumbing system failure as time progresses. Additionally, jet blasters prevent gunk and grime buildup, extending the longevity of your home’s drains and pipes. 

  • It’s Effective

Jet blasting can effectively remove all obstructions and debris in your drainage system. With a jet blaster, accessing fragile and hard-to-reach areas becomes relatively easy.

Although other plumbing procedures can unclog your drain, some materials will remain attached to your drain or pipe. The residue left behind will build up, leading to slow drainage or clogging of the system again in no time if left unattended. 

  • It’s Sanitary

Everyone can agree that unclogging a blocked drain isn’t a clean job. Professional plumbers must deal with dirty drains and pipes as they eliminate waste in the plumbing system. While this is important, the plumber’s health is unquestionably more important, so sanitation has to be at the forefront. This is where jet blasters come in.

Traditional plumbing methods expose plumbers and your home to debris and sewage, but this isn’t the case with jet blasters. This method is modern, fast, effective, and clean.

And as a result, a plumber will spend less time unclogging your pipe, and they won’t come into contact with sewage. This makes jet blasting a sanitary process for cleaning your drains and pipes while preventing the spread of contaminants around your home.


A blocked drain or pipe can cause severe damage to your property if not addressed early. Additionally, blocked drains cause disruption as they will prevent you from using your kitchen or bathroom, while leaving behind an awful smell. Fortunately, with the jet-blasting technique, you can enjoy an effective, convenient, and long-term plumbing solution for your drainage system.



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