The Power of Habit [PDF][Epub][Mobi] – By Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg is a New York Reporter who wrote the book The Power of Habit PDF. Originally published by Random House in 2012, this book has achieved the distinction of being a New York Times Best Seller.  The book examines habits and reformation from a scientific viewpoint.

Now is the perfect time to read this amazing book and make some changes in your life. The Power of Habit Epub can be downloaded and read on your Smart Device right now.

Details And Review Of The Power of Habit:

In The Power of Habit PDF, there is a discussion on the Habit Loop, which has three components: cue, routine, and reward. These components explain how habits form. A stimulus or cue tells your brain to react in a particular manner. As a result, a routine is formed since your brain reacts to certain things in a certain way. Last but not least, the reward comes when your brain decides whether or not to keep this habit. It is crucial to follow the habits and loops that will allow you to break any addiction to bad habits and encourage you to adopt good ones. Belief plays a crucial role in encouraging change.

Book Name: The Power of Habit Epub

Author: Charles Duhigg

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks

Pages: 371

Genre: Business, Motivational

The way Duhigg approaches the topic of habit is actually very sensible. Everything he says makes sense. Especially useful are the examples he uses to support his points. He cites Bill Wilson as an example. Before finding Jesus and forming Alcoholics Anonymous, the guy was an alcoholic. He was able to get over his addiction by following the Golden Rule and helped hundreds of other people as well. You can help yourself and others by following the rules in this book.

About Author (Charles Duhigg):

American author and journalist Charles Duhigg. In addition to being a reporter for the New York Times, he has written two books on productivity and habit. Harvard Business School of Harvard University awarded him his MBA after he graduated from Yale University. He even has his own website.

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