The House On Mango Street [PDF][Epub][Mobi] – By Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros created the novel The House On Mango Street in 1984. Presented in vignettes, it tells the story of Esperanza Cordero, a 12-year-old Chicana girl living in the Hispanic district of Chicago at the time.

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The House On Mango Street PDF, Epub – Plot, And Review:

Name: The House On Mango Street PDF.
Author: Sandra Cisneros.
Published: 1983.
Series: None.
Genre: Novel, Fiction, Bildungsroman.
Rating: 3.7

The PDF of Cisneros’ second major distribution, The House on Mango Street, received basic approval, gaining especially praise from the Hispanic community for its practical portrayals of the Hispanic involvement with the United States.

Plot Review:

During a year in the life of Esperanza Cordero, a 15-year-old Chicana girl living in a ravaged Chicago neighborhood with her folks and three siblings, the House on Mango Street Epub covers a year in her life. The storyteller, Esperanza, opens the book by explaining how her family ended up on Mango Street. The family moved often before they felt comfortable in their new home, a little and simple structure with disintegrating red blocks.

The family wanders from place to place, continually hoping for the one place they can call their own. It isn’t the guaranteed place that is known for their fantasies when they finally arrive at the house on Mango Street, which is their home at long last. They explained that this was not the end of their moving, that it was only a brief stop before they moved into the guaranteed home. Though the house on Mango Street was a vast improvement over her family’s previous homes.

About The Author:

Author Sandra Cisneros was born on December 20, 1954. She is best known for her first novel, The House on Mango Street (1983), and her ensuing short story collection Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories (1991).


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