How to create technology videos for your YouTube channel?

Did you know that video content is more effective than a written article? It is why video-based apps have taken over the internet more than any other social media app. YouTube has become more popular in the past few years. We often see that many of our friends and relatives started their YouTube channels to share their expertise with the audience. Technology-based video is one such genre that has gained more popularity than any other genre. 

Starting a YouTube channel may look easy but managing it to get full benefits is equally crucial. To keep the people engaged with your YouTube channel, you have to create some professional videos having effective and proficient content. Creating compelling videos to grab the audience’s attention and gain more subscribers first come to mind. People use movie maker software to create videos, but you can make the best with a few tips. This article shall share how you can create the best technology videos for your YouTube channels.

How to Create Technology Videos for your YouTube Channel

Below are the tips that you can use to create the best technology videos for your YouTube channel:

  • Start with an Interesting Hook

It depends upon the starting of the video, whether your video will get the Views or not. It is the best idea to show the result at the beginning of the video. It will pique viewers to know how you achieve this result, triggering them to watch the entire video. Another point to consider is the Story. Your video should showcase a story as people will stick to the whole video to know the ending. As an example, you can include some personal illustrations to explain the topic in your video. In addition to that, rather than wasting your time on tiny things, you should jump directly to the main topic.

  • Keep Titles and the Description Short

The attention of the audience lasts for a short while. So make sure that you use the short and crisp title at the starting of the video as long titles can cause disinterests. Moreover, the more extended opening credits may discourage binge-watching. It is because an audience does not like to watch the video with the repeating sequences again. Hence you should make the title and opening credits short, sweet, and quirky. Ensure that the complete opener should be no longer than 5 seconds.

  • Use Screen Recordings

Screen Recording is an obvious thing to follow while creating a technology-based video for a YouTube channel. Technology videos consist of things, such as explaining technical topics, number of illustrations, setting up the editor, and coding. It is barely possible to explain technical content without sharing our screen. You can explain the topic using PowerPoint presentations or whiteboards and show the code through an editor. Screen Recording will make the tutorials understandable to the audience. You can also add subtitles so that audiences from any country can understand your teachings as well.

  • Add Personalization

You can add a few segments to your videos to keep the audiences interested in the upcoming videos. You can include segments, such as feedback, question and answers, interview questions, and many more. Feedback is another crucial aspect that continuously adds improvements to your videos. You can ask for audience feedback and the related topics they want to learn. In addition to that, you can give some assignments or multiple-choice questions related to the subject you explained. It will let the users watch your upcoming videos too. In addition to that, you can create separate videos for interview questions. It will help many job seekers to prepare for their interviews, thus promoting your YouTube channels. You can provide links to your videos, where the viewer will get detail on a specific topic.

  • Extend session length with a playlist

Session Length is a crucial factor in the YouTube channel as YouTube wants users to use the platform. You can define the Session Length as the total viewer time spent watching a video. If you send the viewer to open a playlist or another YouTube video by increasing the session length by adding to the session length, your video will get a spike in the algorithm.

  • Make Video Quality a Priority

Quality plays a crucial role in the case of a YouTube video. People enjoy watching the videos if they are impeccable. However, consistency is one thing in technology videos, but you need to ensure that your video is high quality. So you need to pay proper attention to the audio and the quality of your video. The audience may feel distracted if they cannot see or hark the video content flawlessly. You can also discuss the things in which your audience is interested. Put some effort into creating such content in your technology video.

  • Live Coding Style Videos

You can create videos for your YouTube channel, showing live coding. Through such videos, your audiences will understand the actual thought process that is going on while writing the program. The new coders will learn how to solve Real-Time problems through coding. It will also make your audience interact with you. That is the best way to build a good community of coders.

  • Use an Online Movie Maker

Editing is very crucial for YouTube videos. Many movie maker online are available that let you create and edit your videos to make them perfect. You can cut the mistakes, make the videos flow smoother, discard unwanted sounds, such as fans, traffic, and more. Such movie maker software is uncomplicated to use and feature-rich, permitting you to create professional-looking videos with ease.


YouTube channels are the new trendy thing happening across the internet. Many people have started creating YouTube channels based on their areas of interest, and technology videos-based YouTube channels are one of them. Having knowledge is one thing, but to showcase that knowledge through the medium of a YouTube channel is another thing. To help you with this, we have explained in this article how you can create technology-based videos for your YouTube channel. We hope the article was helpful to you.

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