Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Video Editing

In the current technological era that we live in, Artificial Intelligence or AI is taking over the world. Humans have been working hard for several years on basic and simple tasks-Artificial Intelligence takes over those tasks and even more complex ones. It is making life easy for humans, and automation through AI is making even the unthinkable possible. Much like other tasks, video editing is a task that requires meticulous attention and has to be done with perfection to produce the right video. Editors have devised various world-class methods of video editing. Now with the inclusion of AI in the workforce, people have started automating the processes, and AI is making video editing simpler. Several AI-driven video editor tools are taking over the market as the days pass. Once the parameters are set, the tools automatically edit the clips into a whole video that looks as professional as a manually edited video. 

AI has made the process of video editing more accurate. The small mistakes that occur due to manual editing are eliminated when AI does the job. AI has completely replaced the human workforce from the video editing business in many places. While this may be scary since many people depend on video editing jobs, the positive side is that it is still fresh and new. It would easily take the next five to ten years to get the algorithm right and ultimately establish the use of AI in video editing. 

Closer Look at AI Video Editing

While the general discussion about AI video editing would not explain much in detail, here is a closer look at what AI video editing is. AI video editing has been described as the method of video editing through which the amateurs in this field can match the work done by professionals in minimum time. 

AI video editing has solved many problems, including the never-ending search for the right tools. AI has reportedly reduced stress among video editors by searching the right tool and editing elements by scanning the web and integrating them into an online video editor. AI has also linked up with various web-based services. Thus, uploading or publishing the final products has become easy and efficient without breaking the locks of accessing multiple platforms.

Advantages of AI in Video Editing

While the use of AI has some drawbacks, the advantages outnumber them. Apart from easing the pressure on the manual workforce, it has a lot of other benefits. Some of them are listed here.

  • The AI algorithm enables the application/suggestion of necessary filters, transitions, cinematic effects to the recorded video during editing.
  • The editing tools powered by AI are run directly by automation. You do not need to be a professional in editing videos. 
  • AI editing is way more accurate than traditional human editing outputs. Since automation is doing the job there is thorough structuring, arranging, and editing of every clip.
  • AI keeps on learning and improvising its methods automatically. Every time you edit a video, the algorithm stores the process in its memory and suggests accordingly from the next time. 
  • Since AI is wholly automated and algorithm-driven, editing speeds up and is more accurate. 
  • With the whole process getting more efficient, the quantity of AI-edited videos increases since automation edits more videos in less time.
  • Once you understand the basic algorithm of an AI-driven editor, the whole process becomes easy and relatively simple to grasp.
  • Since AI explores various options to improvise general methods, it can suggest newer ways of editing and filming videos.
  • AI can do many things that may be missed by the human eye, like colour correction, filter processing, and scene identification. Automation corrects all these subtle elements, making the video more appealing and exciting. 
  • Many online video editors that use AI have started implementing face detection through automation. This boosts the embedding of valuable and tailored messages within the videos.
  • The overall package of installing an AI-based video editor tool is less expensive than employing a separate person for editing the videos. It works as a one-time investment and thus saves a lot of effort and money in the long run. 
  • Automated detection through AI can help you locate the perfect clips and shots that you can use in your videos to make them more engaging. 

Future of Video Editing with AI

In the current scenario, AI is only used to assist the human effort during video editing. While many sectors have already transformed themselves into AI-aided workforce, the video editing market is still getting accustomed to the new age of technology. It is expected that AI will completely take over the human workforce within the next ten to twelve years. It will not only simplify the whole process of video editing, but it will also make the process faster.

 Wrapping Up

AI, along with the concept of ML or Machine Learning, is still new in the market. Grasping the entire concept will take time but once people and industries get used to AI, it can transform the world. This will open a massive door for technological advancements and employment opportunities for people who deal directly in technology.


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