The MRF Cricket Bat is made using grade A+ English willow with a generous swell. The grain structure is naturally compressed which means the MRF has an optimum spine height and a thick handle. The MRF Branded Red Players Grip is also included for free with every cricket bat. The rounded edges and excellent finish make this cricket bat a winner. This MRF cricket bat is a great choice for young and old players. The MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat has a mid-sweet spot, and is perfect for front foot play. Its thick shoulders and edges taper dramatically to the toe for great balance and pick-up. The finish on this cricket bat is exceptional, and the bat is endorsed by Virat Kohli, one of the world’s best players. The MRF VK 18 1.0 Cricket Bat has an average bow, but the same profile as the Grand Edition.

MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat

The MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat is a replica of the original MRF Cricket bat used by Virat Kohli. Its English willow construction offers a classic players profile and an extended middle that rewards good technique. Designed to be lightweight and durable, the MRF Genius Chase Master has superb ping and a sweet spot of 40mm. A great option for junior cricketers who are just starting out in the sport, the MRF Genius Chase Master is a great option for young players who want to get a feel for the game. The MRF Cricket Bat is one of the most popular cricket bats in the world. The MRF ABD Elite Bat made of reserve edition willow, and is a real Test match quality. With all of these features, it’s no wonder the MRF Cricket Bat is the preferred choice of many of the world’s top players. It’s the ultimate cricket bat that you can use to make every shot count! It is a classic piece of kit that every player should have.

Junior Cricketers

The MRF Cricket Bat is a great option for junior cricketers. It weighs only two to three pounds and is surprisingly light to pickup. This cricket bat is great for both front and back foot play. If you’re looking for a bat for your junior, this will be an excellent choice. There are many reasons to love this product, and you will find it hard not to. You’ll love it when it is your first. The MRF Cricket Bat made from premium English willow. It’s lightweight and features a high pick-up. The MRF Genius is a great choice for younger players. This bat is a step down from the MRF Genius Elite Junior Cricket Baseball Bat. It designed for all-round shot making and has great durability. There are many benefits to MRF’s bats. You’ll enjoy playing cricket with it.

Elite Junior

The MRF Genius Grand Edition Junior Cricket Bat is a step down from the MRF Genius Elite Junior Cricket Bat. This bat features an outrageous mid blade swell, making it ideal for big hits. This MRF cricket bat made from premium-quality Grade 1 English willow and has a good pick-up. Both MRF Cricket batting bats come with a toe guard, which is essential for kids. The MRF Cricket Bat is a great choice for beginners. Its classic spine profile is perfect for generating explosive power and pick-up. Thin, pliable edges and thick shoulders make it an excellent choice for beginners. Its lightweight design makes it easy to swing. It made of English willow. You can find a wide range of MRF cricket bats for sale in the brand’s PS and ABD models. The MRF Cricket Bat has a traditional style spine that is ideal for developing explosive power. It also has minimal concaving to provide an optimal sweet spot. Its dual-layer construction is a great choice for junior cricket players. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the MRF Cricket Bat is a great choice. You won’t disappointed! And with its excellent price, it’s worth every penny.

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