Common Misconceptions Concerning Ultrasound Scans

When discussing crucial stages of human life, you cannot omit pregnancy. During this phase, the fetus develops in the uterus after sperm fuses with the egg. A successful pregnancy and delivery will usher in new responsibilities, especially for the women giving birth for the first time. However, women are anxious and restless during this period due to the uncertainty of fetus development. They will have many questions concerning the viability of their pregnancy. The good thing is that you can get the answers through pregnancy ultrasound Newport Beach which helps to monitor pregnancy while tracing any abnormalities. When seeking an ultrasound for your pregnancy, here are myths that should never hold you back.

Ultrasound Uses Harmful Radiation

Many people are concerned that ultrasound portrays fetus images through radiation. This belief has hindered some women from getting ultrasound services. The reality is that ultrasound uses a series of sound waves to target internal organs of interest. These waves usually have different densities depending on the nature of the body tissues targeted. Therefore, if you are disturbed that ultrasound will harm your unborn, it is time to change that notion.

3D and 4D Scans Are More Accurate Than 2D Scan

Many people usually consider the more advanced techniques superior to the less advanced ones. This instance is not an exception regarding ultrasound techniques, as people give accolades to 3D and 4D scans. However, the 2D scan can equally give you a precise diagnosis of baby growths while detecting any abnormal growths. Your healthcare provider will only recommend 3D or 4D when they need more information about your pregnancy.

The Scans Are Always Less Invasive

External ultrasound is one of the common ultrasound scans for pregnancy. In this case, the sonographer runs the handheld device over your bump. Consequently, they will trace pregnancy development without the need for insertion. However, sometimes you may have to undergo an internal ultrasound examination. Your sonographer will insert a slim probe into your vagina to get a detailed assessment of your baby.

Pregnancy Scans Are 100 % Accurate

Do you know that a sonographer conducts an Ultrasound scan at certain stages in pregnancy? The main aim is to get the most revealing and precise results in a specific time frame. However, this instance does not imply that all concerns will be detected. For example, if the baby keeps wriggling, it can be challenging for the provider to give the required observations. Babies whose weights are above average can also pose difficulties when assessing crucial parameters with sonography.

A Transvaginal Ultrasound Will Cause a Miscarriage

During the initial stage of your pregnancy, your provider will recommend a transvaginal ultrasound. This procedure involves the insertion of a transducer into the vaginal to examine the baby’s development that the normal ultrasound machine cannot trace. Some claim that this procedure will always cause a spontaneous explosion of a fetus. However, when conducted correctly, the transvaginal is safe. It is, therefore, necessary to seek ultrasound services from a skilled sonographer.

Many women are anxious during their pregnancy. They are unsure about the results of their pregnancy period. If you are pregnant and wish to know your baby’s development, an ultrasound scan has your back. For the best experience, it would help if you cleared all bizarre misconceptions concerning ultrasound. For example, the belief that ultrasound uses harmful radiation should no longer take root. An ultrasound scan uses safe sound waves of varying densities to give images of the baby and its internal organs.

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