Breast Reduction Surgery: Achieve The Perfectly Proportionate Breast Size And Regain The Lost Confidence

The human body consists of a vast number of organs that function in combination with one another to ensure the health and working of the body. The heart is considered a primary organ in human beings because it pumps blood to the different parts of the body. It is located at the left side of the chest inside the ribcage. The chest, however, consists of a different structure for men and women. The trunk of a man consists of small breasts and bodily hair upon it.

In contrast, a woman’s chest consists of comparatively larger breasts with the additional ability to produce milk. Sometimes, the size of breasts in women grows unexpectedly large, causing discomfort and medical problems. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most effective and efficient methods to deal with the issue.


Breasts are the tissue that surrounds the entire region of the chest. In men, there is less tissue than in women who are tightly attached to the chest. Women have comparatively more significant amounts of breast tissue. Unlike breasts in men, the women’s breasts perform a crucial function of producing milk.

This enables them to be able to feed their newborns. The tissue that makes it possible for women’s breasts to produce milk is glandular. This tissue is fatty, and the amount of fat present determines the size of the breast and milk-producing capacity. The high amount of fat in this tissue leads to the problem of oversized breasts that cause serious issues and requires surgical treatment for a solution.

Problems Due To Oversized Breasts

Several physical and psychological problems can arise due to oversized breasts. This is because big breasts affect the body’s physical structure and the mental health of the individual with the problem. The condition of overly large breast sizes is known as Macromastia. Studies have found that this condition can become the root cause of many physical health problems. Some of the common issues that cause due to the oversizing of breasts are discussed below:

  • Pain- Pain in different body areas arises due to oversized breasts. The more significant the breasts are, the heavier they will be. Hence, forces that are in-proportionate to the body parts are exerted. The back, neck, and shoulders are often the areas that commonly experience maximum pain.
  • Rashes- Oversized breasts mean a greater surface area of the breasts. This implies that the surface of breasts will rub more against the skin than a normal-sized breast. This forms rashes beneath the breasts and causes discomfort to a great extent.
  • Numbness- Since the size of the breasts is abnormal, this means that no standard bra will fit in the breasts perfectly. This causes nerve fibers present in the tissue of breasts to get compressed and thus induce numbness in the breast. The numbness can prove to be a source of discomfort for the individual.

Treatment For Oversized Breasts

Cirugía de reducción mamaria, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is one of the most efficient surgical treatment methods for oversized breasts. The surgical treatment involves the removal of excess fat, tissue, and skin from the big breasts. The reduction of a significant amount leads to reducing breast sizes to become proportionate to the body.

This surgical operation ensures that the nipple remains unharmed to ensure the proper lactating function even after reducing breasts. The surgery is performed under anesthesia to ensure that the individual remains unaware of any discomfort during the operation. However, discomfort and pain can vary in levels for the next few days post-surgery.

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