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Best Canadian Cities for College Students & Young Professionals

More Canadians are moving for school and careers than ever before, and it’s bringing forward questions about what city is the best choice.  Although there’s no perfect choice for every student or employee: there are four choices that are the most popular.  

Each of these offers the chance at an excellent education and an incredible career; let’s see which one is best for you!

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is an internationally famous city for both its tech industry and its film industry.  This city pays employees better than most and gives you a chance to get into a career that will let you grow with it.

Unfortunately, Vancouver is the most expensive city in the country, so if you’re starting out from college, it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with bills.  If you’re driven and can find the right roommates: this is a great area to get an education and break into the job market.

Toronto, ON

Toronto seems to flounder with its identity every few years, and although to many, that can seem frustrating: if you’re not sure what career you want to end up in, it can be awesome.  From the largest banks in the country, the most artists in one city, and even being ranked the most diverse city globally, Toronto has a lot going for it.

Of course, houses for sale in Toronto are expensive, but there’s a ton of affordable student housing. If you make enough career connections, you won’t have to worry about finding an affordable place to live once you’ve made space for yourself in the city.

Ottawa, ON

It’s no surprise that the capital of Canada is both an awesome place to get an education and also an incredible place to work.  Countless museums and art exhibits encourage people to learn on their own time, and the heavily competitive career and educational fields can help push you to do your best.

This is a great city for anyone who wants to get into government or political work or who wants to have a better understanding of the full history of this country.

Quebec City, QC

Nestled in against the Saint Lawrence River, this french-speaking town has been the heart of Canada since the early 1600s.  You can feel the history here from the architecture, and there’s a large push to get to know the history of the area and the indigenous people who have lived here since long before the country gained the name Canada.

This city has a romantic feeling to it, and if you leave yourself open to learning, you can easily build a career in communications or entertainment in no time.

With a Good Education, You Can Start a Career Anywhere

Although there’s a lot of pressure on getting into the right city from the start: you can take your time to build your career before moving into the most expensive cities in the country.  All of these offer both excellent schools, as well as incredible career opportunities: so pick whichever one helps you follow your dreams!

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