5 Things to Do in Bellingham in Washington State

Bellingham is one of Washington’s State most overlooked destinations. It’s quieter than Seattle. The city has so much to offer.

It’s the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. The city has also become a popular destination for business travel.

The city is full of exciting things to do. Here are just five.

  • Embrace Nature

Washington is one of the country’s most beautiful states.

Bellingham is located on the coast close to the Canadian border.

There are seas as well as mountains.

The most famous site is the nearby Mount Baker. This snow-capped volcano is popular for skiing.

Summer is also a great time to visit. There are hiking routes for all levels.

Whatcom Falls Park is another popular site.

The waterfalls are beautiful any time of year. Nooksack Falls are also not too far away. There are plenty of parks for day trips.

The city itself has several nice parks.

Boulevard Park and Lake Padden Park are worth a visit as well.

Make sure to pack an umbrella or a rain jacket. The city is beautiful, but it rains a lot.

Thanks to the rain, the air quality is excellent.

  • Stay in a Nice Hotel

Treat yourself to a nice hotel stay.

Bellingham has many small boutique hotels.

Support the local economy by staying in one of these.

If you’re traveling for work, see about getting a corporate hotel rate.

Hotel prices are always flexible. If you’re traveling with a group or for an event, hotels will want to work with you. See about getting other amenities included.

Use a booking service for the best possible rate. 

Consider staying a bit outside of town.

Bellingham isn’t a big city, but staying in the country is relaxing.

The area around Bellingham is extraordinarily beautiful.

If you’re staying longer, consider extended stay options. You can get a better rate if you stay longer.

And once you arrive in Bellingham, you won’t want to leave.

  • Enjoy Art

Bellingham is the perfect destination for art lovers.

The city has several great museums. The Whatcom Museum has a bit of everything. The art exhibitions are top-notch.

The museum also has exhibitions on nature and regional history.

Don’t miss the Lightcatcher building.

The museum’s sites are spread over three different sites. Make sure you visit them all.

Also check out the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention.

This science museum is great for kids as it has hands-on exhibits.

Adults will enjoy the museum just as much as kids.

Swing by some local galleries to see work by local artists.

See if there is an art fair or market to support local businesses.

For theater lovers, the city has an excellent small theater. You won’t be disappointed in anything playing.

The city also has a good selection of movie theaters. Lots of cafes have live music nights and similar shows.

Ask what they recommend at the hotel.

  • Visit Wineries

Washington produces some of the country’s best wine.

The prices are much better than Napa Valley. And the wine is just as good!

Take a day trip to some of Washington’s wineries.

Some are huge and offer tours and tastings almost daily.

Visit small wineries as well. They might be harder to find. And they might not offer tours.

You might need to call in advance to make an appointment for a tasting.

But these wines are ones that you can’t find anywhere else.

Most wineries will offer free or discounted shipping if you buy enough wine.

Wine is a great gift to take back to your friends and family.

Or it’s an excellent souvenir to enjoy yourself.

If you don’t like wine, the area has several small craft breweries.

When you go out to eat, ask what local products are on the menu.

Use the chance to try something new and unique.

  • Go Sailing

An afternoon at sea is an experience you won’t forget.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take a ferry up to Alaska or Canada for a few days.

In addition to ordinary sailing trips, whale watching tours leave regularly from the city.

Washington is one of the few places you can spot orcas.

During the summer, you’re bound to see humpback whales.

They are so big you can’t miss them!

Try some seafood.

You won’t be able to get fish as fresh as the ones from the sea!


If Bellingham isn’t on your travel bucket list, it should be. This charming city has something for everyone.


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