What is Soma prime build and how many types of soma prime?

Building the Soma Prime. Guide by Akako Update. There are types of builds, such as critical builds, snapshot builds, status builds, and hybrid builds.

War frame introduced its first golden-primed weapon with the soma prime war frame. Due to their typical look, Soma prime became standard and well known for the other primed weapons since its release in 2014.

Even before two years assault rifle was featured in the prime vault, with one promotion and twitch prime promotion, even before they took a year. Additionally, the soma prime is a soma variant designed by Tenno that is a primary weapon and an assault rifle.

While currently you can only get her through trading with other players, there will certainly be a re-release during the upcoming opening of the prime vault. Beware of fake weapons and keep your eyes open to get this great weapon. At least you will love the rifle if you use a good build with your Soma Prime.

Additionally, the Soma Prime has one of the largest magazine capacities and ammo reserves in the game. Along with its decent critical chance and high rate of fire, it is easy to get consecutive critical hits against enemies.

A high rate of fire means that there are good chances of both status and critical effects regardless of the base state. Furthermore, the Soma Prime has decent accuracy to go with it, and is also great for taking on crowds from low to high range. Now that’s the type of weapon you’d bring to a battle, an assault rifle with a heavy machine gun’s magazine capacity.

The soma prime build weapon characteristics:

Here are some of the soma prime build’s base stats in addition to retaining its most important stats:

  • Damage: Around 15 shots of fire per second.
  • Noise: When shots are fired, they are alarming and alert the enemy.
  • Magazines hold 200 shots each. Somas hold 100 shots each.
  • Critical hit damage is increased by 3x for each shot.
  • It only takes 3 seconds to reload a new magazine.
  • A weapon fires and continues firing automatically when the trigger is held down.
  • The chance of critical hits per shot is 30%.
  • Status is proc’d every ten shots.
  • At low to medium ranges, Accuracy can hit enemies with a 28.6 accuracy rating.
  • There are three types of damage dealt: puncture, impact, and slash.

It requires a Mastery Rank of 7 before players can use and build its prime parts, as well as use its blueprints.

Pros of the Soma prime build:

  • Critical chances are high
  • high
  • high, status chances are medium
  • There are three types of physical damage
  • There is no projectile travel time
  • The range is great
  • Damage from punctures and slashes is good
  • Dual polarity
  • magazines are very large
  • There are three types of physical damage
  • large
  • large, with a large amount of ammunition
  • needed for rank 7
  • weapons

    Cons of the Soma prime build:

    • This is a very low base damage
    • and very low impact damage
    • with a slow reload speed
    • Low ammo efficiency
    • None of the elements are damaged

      Build a hybrid:

      A hybrid build is a combination of both status and critical chance within the build and the addition of a few mods from each.

      It deals with both status effects and critical hits at the top of the hybrid damage build. This build deals with all sorts of damage, from critical hits to normal shots, from area of effect status effects to damage over time.


      A soma prime is still the best weapon today, especially if you manage to get it during the mid-game or early game. It increases your damage output by a lot. Remember that you can build any way you want. Pick out your favorite and try it out. You can ask questions about the Warframe soma prime build in the comment section.


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