What happened to Lana CC Finds – Lana CC Finds Sims 4 Modes

You can create your own customized content for your Sims 4 character with the Lana Custom Content Finds. From hairstyles to lipstick, you can create your own customized content. The following is a list of Lana’s most popular choices: a popular game maker.

Is Lana cc’s Sims 4 deleted?

As of the end of the blog post, the Lana CC creator had stated that all of her custom content is in place. Attempts to tear it apart may lead to its deletion. To date, nothing like this has been created for the Sims Community, and so we hope this magnificent cc will become a reality. In the future, Lana CC will have a Sims 4 blog boasting more than 600 visitors who love the game’s content.

A well-organized Sims 4 CC is offered by Lana. The site map makes it easy for a new customer to search for personalized content. Tumblr is the best place to find Sims 4 CC content. As a result, Lana CC no longer supports Sims 4.

Your question can be answered directly with no. It is fully operational, and users of Sims 4 can use it for as long as they need. Nevertheless, Lana is free to withdraw the blog whenever she wants. However, at the present time, such a choice does not exist

Other Mod of Sims 4 in Lana cc finds:

1. Drug Mod:

Drugs like MDMA, cocaine, and coke that you do not find in real life can be found in the sims 4 drug mod! A haven, heroin addiction, marijuana growing, a dealer, and a few drug-related escapees can also be found. It’s time for the basement shift.

Drug Modification:

Basement Drugs are TS4 medicines that are practical. The module contains specially crafted medications and animations, modified walking patterns, moods, requirements, departures, pinnacles, reservoirs, addiction, recovery, and comedowns. But Basement or us do not encourage, promote or glorify real-life use of drugs. An essential characteristic of the modification is the hard reality and downsides of the more extended use.

How to download the drug mod in Lana CC Finds?

  1. Follow these steps; visit the platform to install Sims 4 drug cc.
  2. Click “Download” then “Basement Drugs.”
  3. This will open in a new window.
  4. Remove the contents of the directory into your mods’ folder by right-clicking on it: Use 7-Zip to unzip: Documents>Collaborative Arts>Collaborate 4> Mod>Collaborative Drugs. Click OK.
  5. Have fun playing the game.
  6. Enable your mods and scripts.

2. Royalty Mod / Monarchy Mod:

Would you like to become king or queen, rule an empire, live in a castle, and be able to call people by name? To make your wish a reality, the Sims 4 royalty mod is available. Nevertheless, as a change, you will play a noble family generation after generation. You will name, listen to advice, have princes, order minions, and provide for your kingdom. If you want to begin this royal journey and understand the rules, be sure to read it to the end.

These features include:

  1. Create a royal family by starting with a king.
  2. Monarchies are functions in this module and can be found within the categories of lifestyles. To do so, however, you must first activate full editing mode for the event-complete mode edit.
  3. The monarchy is the most crucial Sim in this mod. You are the head of the line, and with any judgment, you get the last name.
  4. A Monarch may name a successor, grant any rights to every user, and have a Royal Partner.
  5. Your Monarchs can either be Revered Royals or Hated Dictators, depending on their relationships with the universe.
  6. The people around them would love to be around or disdain them.
  7. Don’t impose too high taxes on your citizens.

Sims Household Mod:

Limits for your household of only eight players can be frustrating, but with the SIMs 4 household limits mod, you can quickly overcome this restriction! Watch this video to find out how to install and what this module offers you.


Because CAS will limit family sizes to eight, it is not possible to edit the whole house mod sims four families. You have the following options for managing the fullhouse families:

  1. Creating a Family is as simple as clicking on HH (Household).
  2. HH: Pick the gallery to build HH and click on a tonne and load the HH from the Gallery/Bibliothèque from CAS.
  3. Delete Sim: CAS is only available for eight matches. I am using the included tm to remove extra players. The command deletes sim.
  4. Edit Sim: Although they are an extended family, you cannot edit a sim. Sim. This will exclude every simmer except eight.

Sim 4 Garage Door:

Lana CC Finds Sims 4 provides all of your wants and takes you to an alternative world where you should do stuff. Choose from beautiful avatars to beautiful villas. Our new Lana CC Finds Sims 4 garage doors are the perfect addition to your homes because small details matter, and there will be a big difference between your garage doors and your house as a whole. Don’t go without looking.

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