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What are the Most Common Handyman Services?

Handypersons are those people who are skillful in many services. They are called ‘handymen’ because they are so ‘handy’ to have. They can handle different everyday problems that may seem minor but, in actuality, are so helpful. But you might be curious about what are the most common handyman duties. Here we have listed the 8 most popular handyman services you can benefit from. 

Painting for Exterior and Interior

Painting exterior and interior is one of the most common services of a handyman dubai. Whether a house is for sale or occupied, painting it is a difficult task. Homeowners smudge their house before vending it to increase the general appearance of the building. They sell the house fast for cash and obtain an advantageous return on investment. A general handyperson will have the relevant tools for this task, including drop cloths, ladders, paint rollers, furniture covers, and tape. You will also find specialized handypersons who are prominent in this domain. 

Tiles Installation

A handyman can often do tile installation over a ready subfloor. Tile installation work may seem simple, but in actuality, it is not. Besides laying down the adhesive, flattening it out, and putting a tile over it, there are many more other components that the handyman has to handle during installation. For instance, he has to measure the floor space to cut the tiles according to the rims of the installation site. To prevent wasted space and crooked layout, he has to lay down tiles at the exact position. In addition, water-absorbent (non-vitreous) tiles require sealing to curb them from absorbing moisture. Handypersons and flooring professionals will have the skills and proper tools to address such issues while installing tile and other flooring work. 

Fixture Replacement 

Fixtures in residences like cabinets, kitchen faucets, lighting systems, etc., break or wear out. Homeowners can no longer use them. Some residents may prefer to replace these home fixtures by themselves. On the other hand, some will go for professional help due to their busy schedule or want to make sure that everything is done right by a skilled and experienced person. There are no requirements for a license for most fixture replacement jobs so that a general handyperson can do it skillfully. Yet there are some situations such as replacing a lighting system or a faucet where there can be a need for a specialized license. 

Drywall Installation 

Drywall adds fire resistance to ceilings and walls and provides insulation to a house. People who do not upgrade their drywall for years can get into serious trouble. You will often see handypersons providing drywall installation services to repair the water damage or home improvement. It is one of their most ordinary services. A few handymen focus on drywall installation and specialize in it because they understand that many people require this service. 

They can do almost everything related to drywall furnishing and repair, including moisture damage, drywall hanging, furnishing touches, painting touches, drywall taping, drywall mudding, drywall taping, rodent damage, cracks from settling, drywall anchor holes, and wear and tear.

Overhauling Damaged Gutters

It may not seem difficult to remove leaves from gutter pits unless you are standing on a shaky ladder that is 30 feet above the ground. Most people avoid repairing and cleaning gutters by themselves either because they fear heights or they do not trust their partner’s ladder-holding knack. So this fear turns out to be a financial gain for some people. Handypersons can skillfully spot broken and damaged gutters and repair them if needed. They have way more experience on the ladder. They can also inspect roofs and fix roof damages. 

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