Vikavolt Weakness, Evolution, Stats, and Moves in Pokemon Sword

Introduction to Vikavolts:

Let’s take a look at Vikavolt before learning about Vikavolt Weakness. Japanese words (Kuwagannon) are the source of vikavolts. This pokemon is a bug and an electric type. This pokemon debuted in generation 7. On its belly, it has an electric button.He became more powerful when he leveled up a special magnetic field.. The generation VII series has been exposed to it. Grubbin had become invincible. Vikavolts is the species of pokemon series game. Vikavolt is an electric type of bug.

It is also called a stag beetle pokemon. Pokemons of this type are like fortresses that emit electricity from their mouths. Here it is in the forest, shooting light beams out of its mouth. A descendant of Charjabug. Electricity is controlled from his jaw when it blows. Acrobatic flight maneuvers use Vikavolts. These flying machines are extremely fast.

In addition, he can easily maneuver through the forest’s complicated branches. The pokemon Vikavolt measures 18 inches tall. Pokémon is incredibly popular with young and old alike. His movements are not affected by ground types. Vikavolts movements are called spikes, toxic spikes, arena traps, etc.

Location of Vikavolt:

Forests are home to Vikavolts. In the forests he can also find special locations. When it is dark he blows light. When he is in the air, he is immune to everything on the ground level. Vikavolt’s Weakness is hidden behind this dominant Fact.

Type of Vikavolts with Vikavolt Weakness:

The bug eats him

due to his electric type

Vikavolts travel very slowly on the surface of the earth, so they are slower than other pokemon. The rail guns can fire shots of fire with great force, however. Due to their beetle-shaped shape, Vikavolts are tough. He can levitate.

Vikavolt Weakness:

Vikavolt has many weaknesses, so let’s take a closer look at them

The rock:

Vikavolts of the rock type do normal damage. In addition to attacking their enemies normally, they are also receiving damage from their enemies.

The fire:

Their enemies are dealt double damage by this type of Vikavolt Weakness. Whenever the enemies attack, he double shoots at them from the front. Their enemies are exercising their attack skills as they normally would. Fire-type attacks are delivered to them.


When someone attacks and fights with them, it does half the usual amount of damage. Their damage is the usual amount.


Additionally, they deal the normal amount of damage. Whenever an enemy attacks from the ground, he becomes weaker and receives double damage.


When attacking from the steel type, vikavolts do half of the damage they do from the rock type. The steel type deals normal damage to vikavolts.

Vikavolt’s major weakness is water:

In response to the Water-type, the vikavolts will suffer double damage. The water type receives and does the same amount of damage, attacks, and fighting.


Grass attacks can deal double the damage to vikavolts of the rock type.


When attacking the fairy type of pokemon, the dragon’s pokemon can cause damage. Fairy pokemon can damage them twice as much as normal pokemon.

Weaknesses of Vikavolt Ice:

Pokemon of the dragon type receive double the normal range of attacks from pokemon of the ice type.Vikavolt Weakness:

Let’s examine some of Vikavolt’s weaknesses in further detail

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