Turtonator Weakness – Turtonator Pokémon Evolution, Stats, Moveset :

Weakness of the Turonator. The complete guide to Turtonator Evolution, Basic Information, Stats, Where to find it, Turtonator Movesets, and Weaknesse As discussed in this article, we will take a look at some Pokémon gadgets and tools and our main focus will be on the weakness of Turtonator.ess. “Turtonator” is a combination of the Japanese words “Bakugamesu” and “Bakuhatsu.”.

What are the weaknesses of Turtonator?

Pokémon Turonator is a special kind of sword. As well, it can only be found in the exclusive Pokémon edition and sword version of the game. As well, it can only be found in the exclusive Pokémon edition and sword version of the game. Moreover, it can only be found in the exclusive Pokémon edition and sword version of the game. Turtonator is a fire and dragon Pokémon. Turtonator is a fire and dragon Pokémon. Turonator is a fire and dragon type of Pokémon. This type of Pokémon can cause more damage to the ground and rocks.

can cause more damage to the ground and rocks move is more likely to cause more damage to the ground and rocks.

This type of Pokémon can take less damage from Bugs. Grass, electric, steel, and fire are the types of this Pokémon. The turtle Pokémon is weak on ground and is a blast-type. It’s lives in the volcanoes and it is eating sulfur and many other minerals. It’s also eaten the volcanic materials that explode when the sun is full. The Aola region is home to many such creatures. The Aola region is home to many such creatures. Many of these creatures live in the Aola region, which is part of the 7th generation of Pokémon.

Pokémon can also be described by their names. Turtonator is a fire-blowing dragon that has a turtle face, and its colors are yellow, brown, red, and grey. There is no evolution for Turtonator. There is no evolution for Turtonator. It has no evolution. Turtonator is type #347 in Galaxy of Pokemon. It is a fire-breathing turtle. There is a draconian element to it as well. Turonators will have spiky shells and a yellow and red color scheme.

Their weak point is their spiky belly. Turtles are their weak point. Their appearance can be likened to that of a draconic turtle-like creature with spiky shells on its back, like Mata Mata, which is the freshwater turtle in south Africa. They are bipedal creatures with spiky shells. This creature looks like a cross between a turtle and a detonator. The word Ton appears in its name as well. The name also sounds like a terminator. We have now discussed the weaknesses of the Turtonator.

Moves by Turtonator:

Turtonator can use many moves for attacking his enemies when the level of the game increases. It will also learn how eggs move by how the hotkeys are used. TR numbers can be used to determine how eggs move. The level increased gives turtonator all the level that he learns.

1: Smog (poison)

2: Attack (normal)

3: Fire

4: Protection (normal)

5: Survival (normal)

6: Failure (normal)

7: Burn (Fire)

8: Iron protection (steel)

9: Warp (dragon)

10: Blow (normal)

11: Blaster (fire)

12: shell Trap (fire)

13: Shell Smasher (normal)

14: Heat (fire)

15: Bomb (normal)

Turonator’s weaknesses include:

A pokemon with this type of defensive system is able to blast out exploded material from the hole in its belly when an enemy attacks with its spikes on its turtle shell. However, once you have gained his trust, he will leave behind highly explosive materials.

The following is a Turonator weakness:

1: The sun:

During sunny, hot days, the shell on his back becomes chemically unstable, resulting in an explosion. His weak point is his belly hole.

2: the moon:

During the moonlit nights, the fire gushed from his nostrils and nose. He also has an explosive type of dung, which can be placed anywhere he wants.

3: Ultra Sun:

It is well-known that these types of Pokémon live in volcanoes and feed on sulfur and other mineral rocks. They can also eat the materials from the explosive shell.

4: Ultra moon:

It is a very dangerous material for explosions, but it is also very sensitive to moisture. This type of Turtonator hides in caves when it rains.

5: Sword:

His back is covered in explosive material. When the real enemies attack him, a powerful explosion is created.


They live in volcanoes and caves, so he eats sulfur. On his back, he will develop many types of explosives and they will all be very dangerous for the enemies.

Turtonator types With weakness:

It has two main types one is a sword and the other is a shield.


2 meter and 200 centimeter


His weight is 212 kilogram

Catch rate:

His catch rate is carried from the situations. His popular rate is 27.5% which is turtonator weakness.

Gender Ratio:

It sometimes may be male and sometimes it may be female. 50% is the actual ratio about the turtonator.

Growing ratio:

Its growth rate is medium.

Egg Grouping:

Dragon and Monster.

Turtonator abilities:

He has the shell armor and 2 defensive EVs.

Turtonator strongest points:

His strongest points are Bugs, Grass, Steel, Ice, and Fairy.

Turtonator weak points:

His weak points are rock, water, Dragon, Ground, and Fire.

Where we can find Pokémon sword and shield Turtonator Raids:

We can find the Turtonator in these locations like Axew’s Eye, Dusty Bowl, Hammerlocks Hills, Rolling fields, and stony wilderness.



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