Top Reasons Dental Implants Are a Great Teeth Replacement Solution

Losing a permanent tooth impacts your smile, facial structure, and dental functions. It also increases your risk of oral health problems considering the impact on your oral hygiene measures. Dental implants Beaumont can be the most appealing solution when considering the right treatment for a missing tooth. Dental implants mimic your natural teeth. The main reasons they are a great replacement option include:

Natural feels

Dental implants are anchored by artificial roots, much like your natural teeth. The implants feel and function just like your natural teeth. You can efficiently bite, chew, and speak as you did before tooth loss. This makes dental implants a great solution since it is not only about filling the gap but also restoring dental function.

Discreet replacement

Dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth, even at close range. No one besides you and your dentist can tell you have an artificial tooth. This is crucial for your self-esteem since discreetness allows you to smile comfortably. This is more so because implants are securely anchored by the jawbone with artificial root, meaning you won’t be worried about them falling off like with dentures.

Comfortable solution

Dental implants do not affect neighboring teeth like with solutions such as bridges. Implants do not rely on nearby teeth to be anchored. Instead of disturbing the other teeth, implants fill the gap and provide more support. They fit well in the gap like the lost natural tooth, which offers more support and comfort when biting and chewing.

Facial structure improvement

A lost tooth affects your jawbone. It does not get stimulated when chewing, triggering resorption. Jawbone resorption means your body starts to re-absorb the minerals for use in other areas. Losing minerals like calcium causes bone loss, called jawbone atrophy which is apparent on your face. You spot more wrinkles around the mouth, progressing to sunken looks as further loss occurs. Dental implants include roots that keep the jawbone stimulated. This prevents jawbone loss, keeping your facial structure in good shape.

Prevent further tooth loss

Tooth loss increases the chances of losing more. The gap left can harbor tartar, increasing infection chances. Moreover, since the neighboring teeth aren’t well supported, they shift towards the gap. This worsens with progressing jawbone degradation, affecting its effectiveness in holding teeth in place. Dental implants fill the gaps, improve oral hygiene effectiveness, and provide adequate support to your teeth. The contributions improve your dental health and minimize further tooth loss, making dental implants a great tooth replacement option.

Long-term solution

Dental implants are strong and reliable. The success rate is high, and maintaining them is not overwhelming. You only need to protect the implants from trauma and maintain good oral hygiene to keep them in place. Dental implants can serve you a lifetime with good care, making them a long-term investment.

The dental implantation process takes place in stages that may seem challenging. Nonetheless, the dividends you realize after successful implantation are worth the time and energy invested. Visit Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental today for more on dental implants or to get started.

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