Top 3 Tools to Convert PDF to SVG Vector File

No doubt that both PDF (Portable Document Format) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file types are utilized for certain purposes. But sometimes your PDF document to SVG vector conversions takes place because of file compatibility concerns. Thus, even most experts account for an online PDF to SVG converter to attain instant transformation.

In this informative context, we listed a few ways that equally assists you to save pdf as an SVG vector image file.

Did You know!

Now, you could easily utilize single page PDF as an SVG vector graphic file without any quality distortion. Even there are certain mediums like that lets you convert a batch of PDF files into SVG with its best version of PDF to SVG converter for free of cost.

LibreOffice Draw:

LibreOffice Draw is a free open-source PDF to SVG converter for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a nice drawing software that helps you create drawings using various tools and features. In it, you can also import a PDF, view it, and then convert it to SVG and other image formats including EPS, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, EMF, etc. It also lets you edit and annotate input PDFs before conversion.

If you are seeking an open-source PDF to SVG converter for Linux, Windows, and Mac, then LibreOffice is the perfect choice for you. You could try this best drawing software that assists you in creating vector drawings by providing innumerable tools and features. Also, it lets you import a PDF, view it, and even then turn it into SVG and different other image file formats.

How to convert PDFDocument to SVG in LibreOffice Draw?

  • At first, you just need to simply launch LibreOffice Draw and open a particular file of your PDF document
  • You can see that it displays all the pages of the imported PDF document, you could now choose an individual PDF page that you want to save as SVG
  • Now, if your needs involve PDF editing, then try its drawing and editing tools to proceed further
  • Once done, just move to the File menu, then explore the Export option and choose SVG vector as the output format to turn PDF into SVG vector image file


When it comes to PDF to SVG converter for experts, Inkscape is referred to as the best vector graphics editor that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, it enables opening and viewing a PDF document format and then you can export the imported PDF to vector SVG and different other compatible file formats.

How to convert PDF to SVG Using the Inkscape program?

  • Just start by importing a PDF document file to Inkscape
  • Very next, you can easily make any changes to the input PDF document by using its free and best tools
  • Then, from the provided File menu, you can try its Save As feature that lets you convert PDF into SVG
  • Besides that, this vector software allows you to convert PDF to certain compatible file types of SVG such as Inkscape SVG, Plain SVG, Optimized SVG, Compressed Inkscape SVG, and more

Free PDF to SVG Converter:

There’s no need to invest even a single penny as this free version PDF to SVG converter lets you save PDF as SVG vector graphic file. In addition to the free trait, it lets you convert multiple PDF document files to SVG vector images at once without any quality loss. The upside about this handy tool is that it turns all pages of your PDFs into separate SVG vector files.

How to convert PDF files to SVG Images in Free PDF to SVG Converter:

  • At first, all you need is to add separate PDF document files or even a folder that contains source PDFs. Don’t fret as it provided you with each added PDF on its main screen that includes size and even the number of pages
  • Then, you just ought to provide the path to the output folder and simply hit the Convert button. You can find that it will take less than a minute to convert all PDF files to SVG vector images

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