Tips to Improve Wisdom in Children

Wisdom is a virtue which can never be gifted or delivered to a person by another person. It is something which can be acquired by practice and experience only. Students of all the age groups have some wisdom in them from the birth but as the age grows the level of wisdom also increases and parents must be very aware at the same time so that they can represent such examples in front of students. Students are taught many good things in their school. They are taught good manners, knowledge and information about their subjects and other things related to their subject. Wisdom is needed while making short term and long-term decisions. Wisdom allows you to make correct contributions around you in different fields. It is a matter of wisdom that students are contributing a lot in online learning. These days students are very curious and use their brain in multiple tasks and in learning also they are using various methods to gain knowledge like LMS portals. LMS portals provide students very passage to gain information although few students aren’t aware of LMS full form but when they use their wisdom and search the term LMS full form then they come to know it is a learning management system. In order to improve the wisdom in children, teachers and parents need to do a few things. Let’s understand how to improve wisdom in children:

  • It is very ridiculous to put a mind in a closed room, repeating the same task again and again and expecting the induction of wisdom in it. Student’s mind is just like a blank slate on which something can be written only when the chance to write something is given so students should be taken outside the class and should be given outside learning as a new opportunity. Students’ life is all about making mistakes and learning from their experiences, when students go to new places and meet new people they learn from them, they learn from their activities and decision-making methods and this learning improves the wisdom level of students. Apart from this whatever they see they keep on asking their tutors and parents and their guidance also makes them wise according to the time and age.
  • Students should be taught by their parents and teachers that wisdom comes from the correct choices and decisions made by them so they should keep meeting new people especially elders and keep asking and presenting their queries so that they can learn from the knowledge of those learned ones. Parents and teachers should give them the great mantra to stop and think first before making any decision. To think over is very necessary and no decision should be taken without proper thinking. This makes the student a wise person and this practice improves wisdom in them.
  • The best way to teach wisdom to any student is to teach him or her politeness or humility. This is the best attribute in any human being which represents his upbringing and wisdom level too. Parents need to make students understand that being humble is that attribute which makes a child win the heart of all people and they all teach him/her something very good to increase his/her wisdom level as being polite is also a part of being wise. 
  • Parents should discuss with their children about what is most important for them in their life to learn from and what they want to do further in their life? Questions like this makes them think that now they should really have to think about these things and this thought will make them responsible for their duties and they themselves will seek some ways to learn about such duties and ways to accomplish them. This whole process is invoking wisdom in them as discussed initially that it is never gifted, wisdom comes from practice and experience.
  • Parents and tutors should teach the children to understand the value or opportunities and should make them understand that when they choose one opportunity then they reject other opportunities but that doesn’t mean that left over opportunities are useless one. It is like they can be only good opportunities in multiple amounts but if one gets tangled in them, they he/she may miss the best one. 

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