The Legal System and Role of Lawyers in Dubai 

Legal System in Dubai

Legal System in Dubai is based on Sharia Law. Sharia Law is the first and foremost priority to design and implement and Law in Dubai or UAE. The other modern Laws like Cyber Crime, IT, Financial Crimes etc are taken form International Law or International Courts. But the Law implemented in Dubai is the combination of Sharia and International Laws, just to make sure that justice is free, easy and available to everyone. 

Role of Lawyers in Dubai 

The Advocates in Dubai or Lawyers in Dubai, are supposed to helping the justice seekers. Obviously the common man, can’t manage the litigation like the experts. Therefore he needs good Lawyers. The Lawyers in Dubai are very popular equally in all the states, due to the services offered with quality and trust. For example the lawyers at, “Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants”, one of the best Law Firms in United Arab Emirates. 

The legal system is involved in almost every facet of our daily lives. From purchasing homes to driving a car, the laws and legislations are present everywhere. Lawyers are the backbone of the legal system prevailing in Dubai. The lawyers in Dubai are associated with the general public and society at large in several different ways. Today we will discuss in detail the lawyer’s work towards the Dubai Society and its immense contribution. The lawyers are also known as the attorneys. They also act as advocates and legal advisors to the people living in the Dubai Society. They may choose to represent the parties in civil as well as criminal trials. Lawyers hold numerous positions, responsibilities, and obligations. There is a strict code of ethics and moral values that binds the lawyers in Dubai.

There is a need to present the shreds of evidence to the courts to get relief from the judiciary. For it, the lawyers present the arguments and thus act as defense lawyers to assist their clients. They will do the advocacy for their client to prevent the following penalties and possible punishments. On the contrary, the lawyers may also choose to act as legal advisors. They counsel their clients on their legal rights, responsibilities as well as about their obligations. Furthermore, they will suggest a particular course of action to their clients in personal and business matters.

For the advocates and advisors, the lawyers in Dubai opt for in-depth research under the abiding laws of Dubai. Besides, they analyze the laws and judicial decisions. In addition to it, they apply the laws and regulations to the particular scenario faced by the clients. A more in-depth aspect of the attorney’s job is dependent upon the field of specialization and the position. Nevertheless, all the lawyers need to carry a license to represent any party in the Dubai Courts. Some of the lawyers in Dubai appear more in the courtrooms than the other ones.

Specialization of these Lawyers

The lawyers in Dubai may choose to specialize in several areas including family laws, immigration, employment laws, real estate, probate, bankruptcy, elders, international laws, environmental laws, and so forth. The attorneys assist in preparing for the licenses and approvals along with submitting the legal documents and applications for certain activities. Under many circumstances, they also take up the work of safeguarding the clients’ interests and claims. The lawyers also engage in advising the insurance companies. They inform the clients about the legality of the insurance transactions and also guide the companies. They also read and make clients understand the insurance policies and assist the clients from unwarranted claims.

Trial Lawyers or the Junior Lawyers

Here one point is notable that the trial lawyers spend most of their time outside the courts. They will be engaged in conducting research and analysis and many other related activities. Furthermore, they will also conduct interviews and meet-up sessions with the clients and other stakeholders. In addition to this, they also handle all the relevant details in preparing for the trials.

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