The Best Beautifying Apps for Your Smartphone

Makeup is an art that very few people can do.  Some know how to do makeup and some are just afraid to try new looks or styles on their face. In the latter case, there are many makeup apps that allow people to have a real-time idea of whether or not a certain makeup look will work for them, and their easiness can be compared to slot machines online, as they are as simple.


This app allows users to change their hairstyles and appearance. But not only that, FaceApp also allows you to change your gender, which has attracted a large number of users. The app also uses the user’s image to convert it to an older version, which is quite interesting.

Youcam Makeup

Youcam Makeup is an AR makeup app that uses a selfie camera. Using the features and tools, you can check out various makeup products, hairstyles, etc. in seconds. Д.

It also has the latest makeup tutorials published by the beauty community, which will be really useful if you are new to makeup.

Pretty Makeup

This app comes with a photo editor that allows you to transform your selfies. You can save these images to your phone or even share them on social media.

Compared to similar makeup apps, this app does a more natural editing job.

YouFace Makeup

YouFace Makeup helps you edit selfies with predefined makeup tools, making them look more beautiful. This beauty app works best if you’re looking forward to taking selfies to post to your social media accounts.

It also allows you to change your facial features such as lips, cheeks, eyes, etc. etc. to make your appearance more appealing.


InstaBeauty is an image editor for selfies that users can use to edit their selfies to make them perfect for social media. This app is also available for Android and iOS users.

It contains features similar to those of YouCam Makeup, such as acne removal, face/nose slimming and hairstyle changes. Not only that, but this app has various features such as black/white dot removal, acne removal to make your skin look flawless.

Another interesting feature offered by this app is that you can also control your height, use the selfie camera and create a beautiful collage.

Perfect 365

Perfect 365 allows you to create a virtual makeup look with many features available for your face and hair. There are more than 15 makeup tools and styles in this app. You can customize the colors to your liking.

The app contains step-by-step instructions from different artists to help users create looks on their faces that will make them look realistic. Another great feature is that this app allows you to communicate with makeup experts in your area. You can also sign up for daily makeup updates, images and tips.


This is another beauty app where you can take selfies and edit them with built-in tools to make them “perfect for publication.” Pixl can detect even the smallest imperfections of your face and correct them in minutes.

You can even whiten your teeth with this app to give yourself a gorgeous smile.


With BeautyPlus, you get a professional photo editing tool right on your phone. This app works with the front and external camera, which means it’s not just an app for editing selfies.

It does not contain unrealistic filters. Using BeautyPlus, you can get your natural flawless beautiful photos.


Bestie is your best friend when it comes to creating perfect selfies. It has more than 100 filters that can adjust your skin tone, remove pimples and black spots and more.

Various animated stickers are also available that you can use to dress up your favorite princess or cartoon character.

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