Sunburst 5e (5th Edition)

A 60-foot radius of brilliant daylight flashes based on a factor you pick within range. The creatures in that light must save against it. A creature that fails its save suffers 12d6 radiant injury and is blinded for 1 minute. This spell doesn’t blind the enemy if it is successful and takes half as much damage. The benefits of saving throws are reduced for the undead and oozes.

Sunburst 5e

  • (Evocation) Level 8
  • Action: 1
  • Contains: V, S, M*
  • Covering an area of 150 feet
  • Attack: CON save
  • Radiant damage
  • Evocation school
  • lasts for an instant

The creature blinded by this spell has to make every other Constitution saving throw at the end of every turn. Successful saves remove blindness from the creature.

Using this spell, any darkness erected by a previous spell is removed from its location. A saving throw against the undead and oozes would fail. When using this spell, a creature that would be blinded can make any other Constitution saving throw at the beginning of every turn. If the saving throw is successful, the creature is no longer blinded.

It is a fantastic tool that will cause a globe of searing radiance to erupt silently from a point of your choice. The globe is blinded and all creatures on the globe take 6d6 factors of damage. Creatures that are affected by daylight that are hazardous or unnatural will suffer double damage. With the help of the Reflex retailer, you may negate the blindness and reduce the harm through the use of this part.

If a Reflex store is successful, undead creatures take 1/2 damage if they are caught inside the globe, or 1d6 points of damage (maximum of 25d6). If the creature fails its save, the burst also results in the destruction of all undead creatures particularly harmed by way of vibrant light.

Questions & Answers

  • In regards to Sunburst and its relatives, does Endure Sunlight protect a vampire?

Sunburst is not shielded by Endure Sunlight.

  • Can the Corona of Light function of a Light Domain cleric produce sunlight?



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