Steps to Take After a Semi-Truck Accident in Michigan

If you’re a resident of Michigan or visited it as a traveler, you will see hundreds of semi-trucks on the road and you should also aware of Christensen Law. They are heavy-duty trucks and are preferably used for carrying large loads. They can transport up to 80,000 pounds of goods at a time. This number can also increase depending on the number of axles used.

Numerous accidents occur daily in Michigan because of the abundance of semi-trucks on Michigan’s roads. Many people get injured in this incident, and some lost their precious life. The damage can be minimized at the accident scene by following some guidelines. A few crucial steps after a semi-truck accident in Michigan are discussed below.

Checklist of Steps to Take After a Semi-Truck Accident in Michigan

  • After the accident occurs, the first step is to seek medical attention, even if you think you and the other passengers are unhurt in the accident. Some injuries don’t show immediate symptoms, or the blood bleeds inside the body. In such a situation, it is hard for you to predict the severity of injuries, but a doctor will diagnose what happened.
  • Suppose you’re a bit conscious after the semi-truck accident; without wasting a minute, call 911. They will route your call to the nearest local investigation agency. The local investigation agency will ask about the number of passengers injured in the incident so they can dispatch how many ambulances are required. Even if you think the accident is minor, you must inform the police and get the report anyway. This report will help in claiming compensation for all damages, economic and non-economic.
  • The police will take some time to reach out after the accident occurs. In this scenario, gather some important data by discussing the incident with the other passengers and eyewitnesses. Note their name and address so that you call them later if you feel the need. Also, keenly observe the weather and road conditions and note them on paper.
  • Take photos and videos of the site from different angles. If you’re injured and unable to make photos/videos, then request the eyewitnesses and ask for their contact information. In videos, the injuries and the damage to your vehicles should be covered, even if they are minor. These actions will be very helpful in claiming the damage from your insurance company or a third party.
  • After a semi-truck accident in Michigan, visit a mechanic to identify all the damage to your vehicle. Keep in mind that visit only those body shops which are on the approved list of your insurance company. Each company sets its own rules to claim compensation. A few asked to upload photographs of each internal and external side of the vehicle, and some sent a team of adjusters to keep the record.
  • The final step is to submit all documents to the insurance company for compensation for damage. Most probably, the company’s adjusters will deny giving your right. In such a situation, contact and hire a lawyer with wide experience in dealing the trucking accidents. The lawyer will assist you in tackling all the tactics of your insurance company and at-fault driver’s company.

Things Avoid After a Semi-Truck Accident in Michigan

To receive full compensation, several things should be avoided. A few of them are listed below.

  • Never leave the scene without communication with the police and the other passengers. In your absence, the at-fault party will try to mitigate the evidence.
  • At the accident site, the police officer will ask multiple questions from every passenger. Don’t guess the things and tell them exactly what happened.
  • Don’t share pictures and photos of injuries and other damages on social media. But it is permitted to share all information with your close associates like parents, siblings, and relatives.
  • The adjuster will call you shortly after the semi-truck accident and ask about your health and the damage. The call is expected to be recorded, and all the discussions will also impact your compensation claim. So choose your words carefully.
  • Don’t hire a lawyer who is good at dealing with personal injury cases.
  • Never sign a settlement with the insurance company without your lawyer’s suggestion.

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