Reasons to Visit Emergency Room for STDs Concerns

Emergency rooms are associated with life-threatening instances. While true, not all life-threatening instances are as obvious as traumatic accident cases. STDs, for example, require urgent care, which you can get from the Sugar Land emergency room. Emergency room visits for STDs facilitate prompt testing and intervention. The main reasons emphasizing the need for immediate STD care include:

Mitigate long-term effects

STDs pose serious health risks, some that could even be fatal. Untreated gonorrhea, for example, can lead to infertility, while HPV is associated with certain cancers. Infertility means your childbearing dreams would become an impossibility. Impacts like increased cancer risks put your health in peril. This is considering the shortened life expectancy associated with cancer. This is not to mention the impact on the quality of life when battling cancer. Urgent screening and intervention can help minimize the chances of developing such complications and improve your long-term health and wellness.

Effective screening

Professionals often call STDs STIs. Infections define them better since you could have the disease with little or no noticeable symptoms. By the time you spot signs and symptoms, the STD may have done considerable damage. If you suspect you have been exposed to an STD, such as sexual activity with someone showing symptoms or contact with fluids such as in an accident, prompt screening is necessary. Emergency rooms are equipped with the tools needed for a thorough diagnosis. The experts can run the relevant tests to establish if you have contracted an STD even when you don’t have symptoms.

Better treatment progress

When an STD is caught during its early stages, its treatment is less demanding. It could be as simple as an antibiotic or antiviral drug use since significant damage is unlikely to have occurred, meaning no additional treatments are needed for other concerns beyond the STD. Utilizing such manageable treatments while still viable shortens the physical and financial load of managing STDs. You will recover much faster with minimal health threats. This improves your healthcare quests as you endeavor to lead a longer and healthier life. You also will spend less on medication, especially considering how costly healthcare services can get even with insurance coverage.

No appointment needed

Among the main reasons many STDs go unscreened and untreated is the wait. Scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor can mean waiting for weeks, which gives the STD time to develop. Even worse, when the appointment is due, and you still have no signs, the chances of canceling or not prioritizing the visit are high. This means you are likely to remember the STD concern during your annual wellness visit, which could be months later. Emergency rooms eliminate the need for appointments. With the walk-in and discreet STD screening and treatments, you ensure the infection does not get the time needed to cause more damage.

STDs may not seem like an emergency case. Nonetheless, the sooner you access medical care, the better since you can mitigate risks of severe and potentially fatal health concerns. Visit St. Michael’s Elite Hospital today for urgent STD screening and treatment.

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