Log Horizon season 3 – Destruction of the Round table:

The animated series Log Horizon is based on a novel. The novel is called a light novel.. Author Mamare Touno wrote this novel. Moreover, this is one of the best animated series ever made.

Nonetheless, its first season was produced by the stage light studios, and this movie was directed by Shinji Ishihara. Toshizo Nemoto composed this animated feature. Mariko Ito created the character designs for the animated feature. However, He used Hara Kazuhiro’s real name for all the characters which he designed. The artwork was designed by Yuki Nomura. Shoji Hata directed the sound, and Yasuharu Takanashi provided the soundtrack. The first season premiered on October 5th, 2013.

Introduction to Log Horizon season 3:

Further, after giving you a full description of the first two series of this anime, now I am giving you a full description of Log Horizon 3. Additionally, the season’s full title is Destruction of the Round Table. As of January 13, 2021, the third series of the series has been announced. There are 13 episodes in the third series. You can, however, download the third season of Log Horizon 3 from Crunchyroll.

This is the first season’s episode list for Log Horizon:

Here are the names of 13 episodes of the first season:

1: The end of the world

2: The battle of Loka

3: The depths of palm

4: Escape

5: Return to Akihabara

6: Resolve

7: Crescent moon

8: Villain in glasses

9: Round table conference

10: Grab it in your hand

11: An invitation from east

12: The forest of lagranda

13: Shield and freedom

Log horizon second season’s name list:

Here are the titles of 10 episodes of the log horizon series:

1: Shiroe of the North

2: Mithril eyes and the outlaw

3: The abyssal shaft

4: Shattered wings

5: Christmas Eve

6: An abandoned child at dawn

7: The maidens of water maple

8: Akiba’s raids

9: Battlefield changes

10: King Akiba

Log Horizon season 3| Destruction of the Round table:

There are two series in this science fiction anime film, each with 25 episodes. 2021 marks the release date of this Japanese movie. The media released and broadcast this movie in 2020, but the pandemic situation delayed its release. It has only 12 episodes and is the sequel to the second series of the Log Horizon. Its opening and ending themes were designed by the Band-maid and the Blue Horizon, respectively.

This article summarizes the 12th episode of Log Horizon season 3 for the fan of this anime:

The wedding of Rayneshiia:

During this episode, the round table learned that fairy rings are useless and fruitless. The problem is that this is a strong hindrance to finding a way back to reality. In this episode, Shiroe also gets to hear about many adventures she has had.

The Duke of Akiba: Episode 2

The duke of Akiba gives hope to her people to begin anew, but the shiroe and his friend are very worried about how things are going in the land.

The round table fractures in episode 3:

During the round table conference of Log Horizon season 3, Ein revealed all of his motives and movements. He wants the country to go to the polls. As well, Shiroe wishes to prevent the conference from being dissolved.

Akiba general election, episode 4:

The town held its general election in this episode. Nonetheless, the general election represented Ein and the round table represented Reyneshia.

Log Horizon season 3 concludes with the following:

In conclusion of this article, I would like to remind my readers to watch all the episodes of Log Horizon season 3 anime movie. Additionally, the story is based on the novel. This anime series’ characters are also very powerful and strong.


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