How To Overcome Fear Of Flying While Traveling

There are many such individuals who are passionate travelers, but transportation takes up most of their time.


This is because they have a serious disease called aerophobia (an irrational fear of flying in airplanes). Thus, they are so scared of taking the shorter travel time that they would rather go by road or any other transport system.

This is not only a nuisance, but if they are ambushed with a panic attack on the airplane, it can be an extremely difficult situation. So, what to do next?

Is there any cure to this?

Well, it is not a concrete disease that has medicines or surgical treatment. However, we might be able to give you some of the best advice as collected from individuals with aerophobia themselves.

This should be able to help your upcoming travel endeavors further.

So, sit back, relax, maybe take a deep breath and let’s take a deep dive into this fear.

What Is Aerophobia

This is an extreme and irrational fear of flying. Sometimes it can cause extreme anxiety with just a little jilt in the airplane. For example, someone with aerophobia might not be able to breathe and have a full-grown panic attack because of the shake.

It could be because of a piece of horrific news about any airplane accident they have heard which triggered their phobia, or it could just be the irrational fear of being in a confined space where if anything happens, you wouldn’t be able to do anything.

What Are The Symptoms Of Aerophobia

Here are some of the common symptoms of aerophobia.

– Anxiety and sweaty palms before boarding a flight.

– The fear conjuring way before the flying day.

– Avoiding flying and taking the long road to either drive or get on a train.

– Refusing to sit on the window side and look down.

– Extreme fear with little jolts or when the plane hits an air pocket.

How To Overcome This Fear

Here are some ways with which you will be able to overcome this fear.

1. Talk To A Therapist

If you feel like the condition is going out of hand, and you are needed to cancel important work travel plans because of this fear, then you need to see a medical professional.

It is not just about you talking about your fear, but them understanding the reason and from where exactly it is stemming from. You might need anxiety medication for this phobia.

2. Download Movies, Series & Music

There is no better distraction than movies, series, or music. If you dive into a different reality and get engrossed in a different story, you might forget that you are on a plane for hours.

Watch a new movie that you are excited about, or watch something comforting that you have seen before. Yes, we know there is no cell reception in there, but do not worry because now you can download them for free from pirate bay.

3. Do Not Sleep Before The Flight

Do not get a good sleep right before your flight. This will only alert your nerves more, as you are totally awake. The key is to make yourself fall asleep for the entire journey. Avoid having any caffeinated drinks.

Board the flight tired, and you will be too sleepy to feed into any phobia. 

4. Evaluate The Reality From Fear

Talk to your therapist, and try to evaluate the reality of the irrational fear that you are having. What are you scared of, and what are the chances of that situation ever occurring.

Get all the information about the flight, and understand that there is no default. Sometimes, information helps you to combat fear.

5. Talk To Flight Attendants

While on the flight, if you find yourself getting into the stage of panic. Immediately speak to a flight attendant.

Yes, we know they are not medical professionals or therapists, but they are trained in these situations. They are professionals in handling the passengers on the flight, and you are one of them.

Do not worry; they won’t judge you and will find the best way to comfort you.

Happy Flying!

The fear of flying will only restrict your traveling dreams. So, rather than feeding into the fear, you should do everything in your power to ensure that you are excited about it.

No one is asking you to be enthusiastic about the flight ride but has a normal realistic approach towards it.

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