How to Impress the Person You Like to Like You?

Having a crush on someone is normal. Getting to know about the other person and making them like you takes a lot of effort. You can’t force someone to love you. Love is a magical thing, but there are ways to increase the chances that he will finally love you.

Start a conversation.

Chatting is an effective way to get to know someone and see if they share the same interests. Starting a communication or just a quick chat will also help you see if they are interested in you or not. Do not insist. Keep it interesting.

Talk to them regularly in small talk, but occasionally talk about more serious things or have a long conversation. If the conversation naturally deepens and you start sharing secrets or dreams, you will bond. Listen a lot and respond with compassion. Don’t make the conversation just about yourself.

Send flirting signals to your crush and see if they respond.

Try to send signals verbally and through body language. These signs of interest will let the person you like (knowingly or unknowingly) know that you have a crush on them and that they may have feelings for you.

 Give small tips with your body language.

It could happen on its own. Watch out for signs that your crush is doing it too. Open up to your crush, and don’t be afraid to show them your vulnerable side. You need to let your (speechless) crush know that he’s special.

Create a friendship and be closer to the person you love. It is very common that two friends / best friends fall in love or admire each other after a friend for some time.

Spend more time with the person.

Go out with them. Not just one for now, but maybe ask the person you love and a friend or two to go to the park or play video games or something. This way, you can see and interact with each other in a more natural environment.

Do activities together. The more you interact, the more they will think of you. It’s child’s play! Finally, you could ask your crush if he wanted to do something casual with you one by one. Maybe it’s a sport or a movie. Find out what interests and fantasizes them and include them in the suggestion.

 Don’t push it too far too fast.

Apart from being in an unhappy or forced relationship, pushing things too fast could also ruin the bond you have already created, which could also cause you to lose your friends. Be patient!

Attachment is one of the things people hate most in a relationship. Give your crush their space and let any relationship flow at a natural pace. You must not try to influence your dreams on the person you like.

Do not persecute the person. Not only is it an inappropriate thing, but it may be illegal – and it doesn’t work. Don’t flirt uncontrollably with the person you love. Don’t even make sure you hear everything about this person. Don’t try to be near her all the time. If he ever likes you, it will put him off. Spend time together, have fun and talk. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. Otherwise, there are much other fish at sea.

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