How to Choose a Case for Your Smartphone to Look Cool and Protect Your Device

Unbreakable, slim, metal or with a cover. Which case is the best to choose if you are kinesthetic, ski, run cross-country, do not like to carry a purse or go to fancy cafes?

Bumper for Lucky Landings

The bumper wraps around your smartphone and extends slightly above the screen and backrest. This protection will absorb the shock if your smartphone falls on a corner or flat on the display, but only if the surface is flat. If the smartphone falls on gravel – no way. Together with a bumper, it would not hurt to use a film or protective glass.

Keep in mind that a bumper will make your smartphone bigger: it will add about 4 mm on each side. If the diagonal of your smartphone is 6 inches or more, it will become quite huge, it will be uncomfortable to hold with a small hand. That’s why it’s better not to choose such a bumper if you want to create your bookmaker login on the go or play games outside. 

Shock-proof Case so You Can Drop It

It’s the same bumper, but with a back panel. Cases can be transparent, textured, or patterned. The smartphone in such a case will also become larger, but the display will remain open, so a protective film or glass does not hurt.

This option is great for fans of extreme sports and everyone who is not going to change their smartphone in the next couple of years.

Clip-case That Won’t Turn Your Smartphone Into a Shovel

Such a case envelops the gadget as a second skin: the size does not change much, and the back cover and frame are protected from scratches. But if your smartphone falls on the asphalt or tile, this case is unlikely to save – it is too thin to absorb the force of the impact.

If you often put your phone display down, look at the model with a rim. The protruding part will not scratch the screen.

Flip Case: Everything at Your Fingertips

It is a thick bumper or thin clip case to which the cover is attached. It protects the screen from scratches in jeans pockets, jackets and in a bag. The cover can have pockets for cards and money and a cutout through which you can see the time and messages. But to fully use your smartphone, you have to open the cover anyway.

This option is for those who want to combine a wallet with a smartphone and can’t stand scratches on the display.

The Sportsman’s Pouch

It locks your smartphone to your shoulder and completely covers the gadget from dirt. Generally, the transparent window responds to touch, so you don’t have to take your smartphone out of the case to start a workout or reply to a text message.

The compartment for the smartphone is airtight, but it is better not to get under a heavy rain, if the smartphone has no protection against water. And the shock resistance of such a case will not add: you should fall on your hand, and your smartphone will be in trouble as well as you.

It’s for fans of running and cycling, who need a smartphone for training to listen to music, respond to messages or pay for travel. It’s a pouch that attaches to your arm and doesn’t restrict your movement, plus your smartphone won’t fall out of your pants or shorts pocket while you’re running or pedaling.

The Material Matters

Some covers collect all the trash in the pocket, some easily grow scratches, and some are literally sticky to the hands – it all depends on the materials from which they are made.

Silicone cases are soft to the touch, easy to put on and take off – you can change the look of your smartphone at least every day. But over time, the silicone will wash out and stretch. Without regular cleaning, bright covers darken, and transparent covers turn yellow.

The silicone does not slip easily over the fabric. The smartphone in such a case will not slip off the couch, but it will be harder to get it out of the pocket.

Transparent plastic covers are made with an admixture of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), so they bend a little, do not crack after a fall, but they yellow over time, as silicone.

Cases with glossy plastic look like glass. They are sticky to the fingers, but slip well on the fabric – it is better not to leave your smartphone in such a case on the edge of the bed or sofa.

Leather cases beautifully rub over time, becoming a vintage accessory. To keep leather from drying out and cracking, you need to care for it: wipe it down with leather conditioner, beeswax, or mink oil.

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