How to address business IT security issues in the Portland area

There is absolutely no doubt that business all across the country is dealing with data security problems on an almost continual basis. This has made information technology security one of the top priorities and they need to put things in place so that there are no ransomware attacks that will cost the company a great deal of money. You have lots of customer and client information on there as well as wholesalers and retailers, and the last thing that they want is for their information to be given to a third party. They are putting their trust in you to protect their information and so you need to spend money on your IT structures to make this happen.

If you continue down this path then you may end up paying lots of legal fees and paying out money to customers because you have lost their trust and so you can’t keep continuing to rely on your in-house IT support team. This is a time for professional managed IT services that can deliver you the best security possible. The following are some of the top security threats that businesses face and the remedies for them as well.

  • Lack of employee training – If there is a problem with your IT systems then it generally does boil down to human error because it is one of the most well known traits to data security. If you’re not training your employees and they don’t know what the secure practices are, then they are likely to click on an email which will allow a virus to enter your systems. This places your business at risk and so the thing to do here is to educate your team about the numerous security threats and the best practices that they need to follow to stay safe online. This is where your managed IT service provider becomes incredibly useful because they will teach your staff everything that they need to know.
  • Out of date software – Many business owners are reluctant to spend any more money on their IT platform and so their systems suffer as a direct result. It’s likely that you may have put off quite a number of software updates because they were incredibly inconvenient at that time and you may not have wanted to pay for them as well. This leaves your system open to vulnerabilities and so your managed IT service provider will make sure that scheduled and automated updates take place so that your business can take advantage of new software and security patches.
  • Data access using mobile devices – Sometimes when employees are using their private devices, your computer systems are compromised and any viruses can spread to the rest of your organisation. The way to handle this problem is to encourage you to move to cloud security services which are incredibly secure and monitored 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Your managed IT service provider will set all of this up for you so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

If you sign up for an external managed IT service provider and you let them put the many steps into place to protect you against security breaches, then your business shouldn’t experience any down time or loss of important information.

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