How health insurance in Thailand can make accidents an inconvenience rather than a disaster

Everything in the world was rosy as you set out walking along the beach road to head and see some friends who were visiting on holiday. How they envied you moving to a beautiful part of the world to retire, while they were only over for a short while.

It is probably a feeling of satisfaction that caused you to momentarily lose concentration and cross the road without looking. The next thing you were in a heap after being run over by a scooter that you hadn’t noticed. The immediate shock was overtaken by pain and then the realisation that you wished that you hadn’t put off speaking to one of the quality health insurance companies in Thailand for many reasons.

  • You were laid in the back of the ambulance being carted away to the hospital. All kinds of fears were wracking your brain. How bad was the injury, what treatment would you require, but most of all, just how much was this going to cost you?
  • Treatment and hospital stays cost money and having no insurance or inadequate cover could cost you immeasurable sums. You prayed that the damage wasn’t as severe as having to ask others for help to sort out your misfortune. You remember offering a false grin at someone requiring an online funding page to be set up, knowing full well that you were just as negligent. After your spell in the hospital, you might want to find the best fruit juice for weight gain.
  • If you had sufficient medical insurance, you are generally be taken to a private hospital where they can help you liaise with your insurance company. Being admitted to somewhere with a worldwide recognition for their excellence in its health care services, while not ideal, is the best place when ill or injured.
  • Such is the quality of health care in Thailand, that it persuades visitors to pay for treatments while still working in their homelands. Just why wouldn’t you want to pay into a top health insurance company to receive some of the benefits?
  • While yours was an innocent accident, it can happen to anyone at any time. However, you are of retirement age, which in itself can see illnesses manifesting that cannot be planned for. Some conditions will need operations, such as knee or hip replacements which is a costly exercise that needs insurance cover. Even being covered for something as simple as dental treatment will prove to be money well spent. Expensive medicine, medical supplies, and laboratory costs all lead to substantial financial deductions without insurance. Your current misfortune means that you may have to miss out of a Bangkok evening river cruise with your friends.
  • Insuring through the right company will ensure that they liaise with the hospital so that the correct payments are made and you won’t be liable for costs through any administrative breakdowns.

For peace of mind and a healthy life, it is imperative to ensure that you take out health insurance while in Thailand, however long your stay.

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