Five Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries You Should Know

Everyone is likely to experience an injury due to a fall or collision when participating in a sport at some point. Fortunately, some of these injuries are only not life-threatening. Alternatively, some injuries from a motor vehicle accident can be fatal; thus, they need immediate attention. Cases of a person with a Roswell motor vehicle accident injury are becoming popular due to various factors, including reckless driving. If you have experienced any car accident injury, you already know how devastating the experience can be. The following are five common motor vehicle accident injuries you should know.


Fractures usually happen in severe, high-speed impacts. The force due to the impact can distort the car as it absorbs the impact. As a result, the structure crumples or twists under stress and may come into contact with your arm and legs. The ribcage can be subjected to this substantial restraining force causing the rib to crack. If you encounter such an injury, you should consult your medical practitioner immediately. Fractures need an orthopedic expert to ensure you receive the most effective treatment and outcome.

Chest Injuries

Chest injuries resulting from car accidents mainly require surgery more than other injuries. The car crash injury can be mild, moderate, or serious (fractured ribs and collapsed lung). Usually, the driver is more vulnerable to chest injuries because of the small amount of space between their chest and the steering wheel. You should be watchful of signs and symptoms such as bruising, swelling, breath shortness, tingling, and redness and report immediately to a provider.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is mainly linked with fractures in car accidents and can indicate severe injury. If left untreated, it can lead to the loss of crucial organs like limbs. In severe instances, internal bleeding can even cause death. Symptoms associated with this injury include breathlessness, nausea, tight abdomen, tingling, and excessive thirst. Therefore, if you are suspicious or know someone struggling with internal damage, inform an emergency service provider instantly.

Back Injuries

Back injuries like spinal cord injuries are common motor vehicle accidents. The person’s spine is not constructed to sustain massive impact, so the back is immensely prone to injury in motor vehicle accidents. The worst part about back injury in a car accident is that its signs may take a few weeks before showing up. But when you start noticing, the concern has already progressed. You should be watchful of symptoms like pain, tingling, and stiffness and notify your provider instantly.


Whiplash is a popular auto accident injury occurring when your head is jerked forward and backward. Overall, whiplash can destroy the ligament, facet joints, tendons, muscles, and discs in the neck. The common symptoms you should watch over include neck pain, reduced range of motion, headaches, and stiffness. This injury can affect your ability to carry out daily activities; thus, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately after the car accident.

Motor vehicles are avoidable if drivers and all of us follow the guidelines set aside. Over speeding, carrying excess people or objects, and driving while drunk should be avoided. When a motor vehicle accident occurs unexpectedly, it is essential to take action instantly. Failure which can put the life of the victims in danger of health complications or death. Whether there are visible symptoms or not, you should notify a practitioner for an examination. Once an issue is found, there are various treatments your provider can recommend depending on the condition, severity, and your personal need.

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