Categories of Azeribijan’s visa

Azerbaijan is a country liberated from the Soviet Union in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Block. The country is a historic place and has rich traditions. The government is trying their best to promote tourism in thor country. Azerbaijan e visa was introduced in 2017, it has revitalized the tourism industry in the country. This is the main reason Azeri visa authorities have introduced different categories of visas to accommodate the applicants. 


Azerbaijan visa process has been made easy by reducing the burden of documentation. You can easily access the online media, and provide all the desired information of visa authorities. Azerbaijan evisa is even available in less than 3 days normally, if you are providing all the documents. Urgent evisa Azerbaijan is even available in less than 24 hours, but you need to submit the extra processing fee.


There are various types of the Azeri visa, and we are discussing their categories in this article:


Various categories of visas:

There are various types of the Azeri visa, and these categories are specific with their requirements:


Tourism visa Azerbijan:

Azerbaijan e visa for tourism is specially designed for the tourist. You need a personal passport to apply for a tourist visa. It is recommended to check the expiry of the passport, before applying for a tourist visa. You qualify for the tourist’s visa if there are 6 months remaining in the visa processing.


Students visa Azerbijan:


The Azeri Universities are quite attractive for the students of the subcontinent. These students want to take admission in different courses like engineering and the MBBS. For getting the Azeri student visa, you need to get admission to an Azeri University. The application is attached with the admission form from the prescribed university.


Business visa Azerbijan:

Azerbaijan is a country full of natural resources like oil and natural gas. There are many tourists around the world who want to visit this place. Many businessmen want to visit the country. The Azeri government is providing various facilities for tourists. The Azeri visa is also available for the capital Baku, as the capital is one of the flourishing places for business. 


Diplomatic visa Azerbijan:

Diplomatic visa Azerbijan is available for the diplomates. Azerbaijan e visa for the diplomates is going to be issued on the special request of a foreign government. This is the main reason, you can compare diplomatic visas with other types of visas.  Azerbaijan visa for the official tours is available at the special request of the foreign embassies. 



Azerbaijan e visa is a hot pursuit for tourists around the world, due to its rich historical background. Once it was the center of the people worshipping the “Fire”. The word “Azer” means “Fire” and “Baijan” means Place. Azerbaijan is a place, where people are worshiping the Fire. It is quite fascinating for the people, to learn about the history of the place. This is the main reason people want to visit this amazing place, to learn abou the history of this place.



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