8 Best PDF Compressor To Reduce Your PDF File Size

The PDF file format is a dependable file format that is ideal for transferring and distributing documents via email or online sharing services. PDFs keep file formatting intact during the transmission process. However, due to their high file size, big PDF documents may still be complicated to transmit and exchange. But don’t worry. PDF size reducer programmes like SodaPDF may be used to reduce pdf size.

  1. PDFelement Pro (Mac & Windows)

With top-notch compression setting choices, PDFelement Pro permits you to shrink pdf  and minimize the size of PDFs. It also includes a number of PDF generating tools. Now is the time to take advantage of this free PDF compressor trial.

4 Methods for Editing and Compressing PDF Files Using PDFelement Pro

Method 1: Shrink pdf by deleting unnecessary elements such as text, watermarks, photos, links, and so on.

Method 2: Convert PDF to another file format to compress it.

Method 3: Compress PDF by choosing ‘Optimized PDF,’ and then select the quality of the PDF file. 

Method 4: You may also send the compressed PDF by email, Messages, AirDrop, Notes, and other methods.

  1. PDF Compressor for Free (Windows)

This free PDF compressor programme is a lightweight free PDF compressor that allows you to effortlessly and rapidly shrink pdf files for easier sharing. Add the PDF file to be processed and choose the output file format. Press the start button and keep an eye on the progress meter until it reaches the end. The compressed file will be saved to the output folder.

  1. Free ORPALIS PDF Reducer

This PDF compression application is perfect if you want fast, trustworthy, and respectable PDF conversion done well, without sacrificing viewing quality. It is simple to use and powerful. This software is compatible with a wide range of Windows versions.

  1. PDFcompress by Neevia

This PDF compression utility offers much more than just a converting interface. It is extremely dependable and well-suited for a wide range of PDF converting tasks. It may also assist you with removing bookmarks, text notes, PDF forms, page labels, and other items. It’s simple to use and helps you get the most out of your PDF.

  1. PDFCompressor by Ablessoft (Mac & Windows)

This programme is simple to use and includes several unique free PDF compression capabilities. It offers three distinct compression levels to suit your needs. You must upload the file, and then, with a few clicks, you may have the shrink pdf file. It’s a fantastic compressor with a good reputation.

  1. PDF Compressor

This is one of the greatest free PDF compressors available online. Furthermore, this online PDF compressor programme has a number of distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other comparable tools and allow it to achieve excellent results. The compression speed is lightning fast, making it the go-to free tool for anybody in need of a dependable compressor.

  1. Excellent PDF Compressor (Windows)

This portable Free PDF Compressor assists you in removing duplicate PDF files. It manages to rapidly and effectively minimize the size of your PDF, and it is an easy-to-use, dependable tool.

  1. Preview

Preview is a built-in free PDF compressor for Mac that has a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to simply drag files into the interface. With the “Quartz Filter” option, you may minimize PDF file size while maintaining a consistent user experience. Preview is simple to use and dependable, making it an excellent choice for PDF reduction.

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