5 tips for launching an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular forms of collaboration between brands and users. Partners have the opportunity to become part of a program designed to promote the brand. In this case, we are talking about a bookmaker’s office. To understand what is traffic arbitrage, you need to get familiar with affiliate basics.

First of all, you should choose the right company for cooperation and the conclusion of an affiliate program. The main options for making a profit are available at the Parimatch bookmaker. These include:

  • CPA – a type of payment for registration and replenishment of the deposit;
  • RevShare – up to 50% profit from the loss of users who were attracted;
  • Hybrid – a fixed amount for registration and making a deposit, as well as a percentage of the bookmaker’s profit.

There are more payment options for registering and installing the application. Now they are rare and for push traffic, they are quite difficult. It is problematic to optimize an advertising company, especially for beginners. In RevShare, the profit comes in about 3 months. This greatly stretches the budget of any affiliate marketer. Such a waiting period can only be justified if there is a large budget.

How does the affiliate program work?

It is always interesting for every beginner to know where to start in arbitration. This question is relevant for people who are just starting to redirect traffic or are not familiar with the gambling business. Arbitrage in sports betting is no different from promotion in other industries. Roughly speaking, it looks like this:

  • you can earn money starting from registration at a bookmaker, then the user receives an affiliate link with an individual indicator to determine the webmaster;
  • the client follows the received link and registers on the site, depending on the type of partnership, the remuneration is determined;
  • partners have access to extensive statistics that are used for promotional companies.

In your account, you can track how many new users have been added. They are brought by a certain webmaster. By fulfilling the terms of cooperation, the arbitrator receives income. This is usually a fixed amount or percentage. It is important to keep in mind that you can withdraw profits using any of the available methods.

It’s easy to make money on arbitration. One of the main conditions is to find a reliable platform for advertising a bookmaker’s office. The arbitrator must also choose favorable terms of cooperation, which can be discussed and found out in advance.

Advantages of the affiliate program

Parimatch bookmaker offers three main options for earning money in an affiliate program. CPA and RevShare are available for beginners. Only those users who were members of one of the first programs can access the hybrid option.

An affiliate program from the betting company Parimatch has many advantages:

  • the ability to receive income up to 50% from the loss of the attracted user;
  • the best way of income without investment;
  • different methods of replenishment and withdrawal of funds;
  • reliability and safety of the program;
  • transparent terms of cooperation.

Affiliate marketing has become very popular in 2022. This type of earnings is of great interest among gambling enthusiasts. Betting is one of the best methods to increase income. All over the world, bettors and gamblers choose Parimatch because it works legally. This is one of the main advantages that you should pay attention to when choosing an affiliate program.


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