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5 Easy Ways To Keep Home Floors Clean 

Every homeowner yearns for a clean and tidy home. Although you may sometimes find cleaning tedious, you know it’s something you must do to make your home feel like the restful sanctuary it should be. But, to do that, you need to maintain many aspects of your home. The most noticeable and pertinent one is your floor. 

Cleaning your floor is unlike cleaning the other parts of your home. It can be challenging because there are things you need to consider, like the type of floor that you have. Fortunately, homeowners who have mastered the art of floor maintenance will agree that there are general, tried-and-tested strategies you can apply to keep your floor clean, regardless of its type. 

This article will give you ways to keep your floors at optimal cleanliness, so please read on.

  1. Have Your Rugs Professionally Cleaned 

Washing your rugs by yourself or putting them on the washing machine may be part of your regular cleaning routine. However, if your rugs still look dirty despite regular brushing and washing, that is a sign to have them professionally cleaned. A rug lovers guide would tell of how there are rug care specialists with both skills and equipment for a thorough clean, one you couldn’t have done without their help. 

Your home’s floors can never look and feel clean if the rugs you use are dirty. No one likes stepping on a dirty rug, even more so when you’ve got guests around. Moreover, your rugs shouldn’t be the source of dirt on your floors. 

Having rugs and carpets around your home can also make it feel cozier as long as you’ve kept your rugs clean. Otherwise, those dirty can only degrade the whole atmosphere of your interior. That is why having your rugs professionally cleaned can be the best way to keep your floors looking fresh. 

  1. Vacuum Frequently 

Before washing or mopping your floors, vacuum them thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, food debris, and other particles that may settle. Making it a habit to clean frequently also reduces the frequency of washing your floors because some dirt on the floor may not be too stiff enough to require thorough washing and cleaning. 

However, it is important to note that the frequency of vacuuming depends on your home’s circumstances. For example, households with more residents may have to vacuum more frequently than those who live alone. Homeowners who have pets may also have to vacuum more often than those who don’t have one.

  1. Keep Doormats At Entrances 

Doormats are there for a reason, beyond adding a hint of style to empty doorways or entrances. They take in all the dirt and dust from shoes, so you don’t bring those into your home. 

Ideally, you can make it a household policy to remove shoes and leave them outside before entering. If you must take them back to your shoe closet, clean them outside before bringing them in. Never walk with your outdoor footwear around your home, as that may cause unwanted dirt to build up on your floor.  

Wearing house slippers also helps maintain your floors’ clean state. Remember, keeping up with the dust, dirt, and grime rather than letting it build up over time can save you the hassle of a major clean-up in the long run.

  1. Use Caution When Cleaning Stone Floors 

Stone floors look great, especially in outdoor living spaces or decks, but they also require a lot of extra care and caution to keep them clean. Certain cleaning products you commonly use in other parts of your home can damage stone floors or cause discoloration. These include vinegar and other acidic cleaners

If you have stone floors, the best way to keep them clean is to use a special PH-neutral floor cleaner. This is safe enough to prevent the minerals in stone floors from adversely reacting to your cleaning product.  

  1. Mop The Floor 

Mopping your floor sounds quite simple, but there are techniques that can help you be more efficient. Here’s a refresher: 

  • Use a mild detergent instead of over-concentrated options; 
  • Get all the hard-to-reach places, even if it means moving a few pieces of furniture alongside, while you do it. 

The tips above apply to all floors except for laminate or vinyl flooring. For these, you can still mop the floor, but only with less water. Be sure to squeeze out excess water before mopping, as that can damage the laminating material or vinyl. 

Final Thoughts 

You don’t need major floor clean-ups every so often when you can stay on top of all the cleaning daily. It’s more about the little things you do to keep your floor tidy. Given all the foot traffic your floors receive, it’ll sure take quite a beating. The strategies above are worth making a part of your cleaning routine so your home looks, feels, and smells clean and fresh.

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