4 Tips For Printing Photos On Canvas

Wall decoration is of great importance. It will really have a big impact on the interior of your home. You should therefore get started with wall decoration. You could use all kinds of different types for this. Hanging a mirror, for example, is recommended, as is buying paintings. A canvas art should certainly not be missing from the wall in the living room that is still empty. Printing a photo on canvas is therefore highly recommended, but before you place an order, it is advisable to read the tips below carefully. This will ensure that the canvas photo is top notch.

Old pictures

Are you planning to print a photo on canvas that is more than a few years old? It is then generally wise to retouch the photo first. You can do this using a photo editing program. Doing this will ensure that the photo will look its best on the canvas, even if it is a few years or more old. This also ensures that you can still recover photos that are already worn out. Moreover, it is possible to eliminate the red-eye that people sometimes get from the flash of the camera, while over- or under-exposure can also be eliminated. It is also possible to increase the size of the photo if necessary.

Correct form

In addition, you will of course also have to choose a canvas shape for a canvas photo. When choosing the desired canvas shape, you have to take into account the positioning of the subject on the image. So based on the subject you have to choose the form, which is really important. For example, you shouldn’t pick a square canvas if there’s a full-length person in the photo, that’s just not going to work. Want to have as much of your subject on the canvas as possible? Then choose a rectangular shape. If you have a landscape photo, it is better to opt for a long canvas shape.

Color scheme

It is also logical that you adjust your custom canvas print to the existing decoration of the room. After all, you will not want to adapt everything to a new print. Are you looking to print a photo of your family or friends? The canvas will then undoubtedly look good on the wall. If you’re looking for an image with an artsy look, it’s worth thinking carefully about the print due to the color scheme that’s already there. Compare this with each other to ensure that the canvas photo will fit well with the rest of the interior.


Before you finally order a canvas photo, it is wise to first think about where you would like to hang it. After all, it makes no sense to choose a huge shape if you only have limited wall space. A small canvas is also of little use if you want to fill a large area with the image. This is of course relatively easy to do, but it could also be that you are going to print a canvas photo as a gift for someone else. Then this is a bit more difficult, but luckily you could look around his or her house for a suitable spot. It’s probably still there!

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