Efficiently Using Beta Testing

Beta testing is considered the second stage in the software development lifecycle after alpha testing. This is called a pre-release testing procedure that incorporates paid test subjects which utilise the software to generate valuable insights regarding user perception and enhancements that can be made to improve experience. Developers like to develop the test version to download and conduct free trials over the web.

Alpha Testing vs. Beta Testing

Let’s take a look at the prominent differences between alpha and beta testing.


Beta testing develops results of alpha testing which is done by continuous enhancement. The main goal is to enhance the profitability for a successful product launch from the customer’s perspective. Beta testing has very clear processes and objectives. However, the actual value of external testing is in the feedback from real users.

If you are introducing a new mobile device, website or an app; it is very important to have independent users to assess the product in detail prior to the release. Various objectives are served using beta testing, even though all of those ingenuities lead to one thing. This is called customer experience enhancement.

Beta testing offers imperative insights regarding product functionality and user is beyond the lab performance tests to see if the same level of performance can be attained in the real user environment. Majority of the products are required to perform in an excellent manner. There are hundreds of different environments and various usage contexts.

In a testing or lab environment, developers can sometimes get lost in details very much. They can miss fundamental functionality elements that can impact the customer experience. It plays an imperative role in permitting users to stand outside the insular developers’ community to observe and recognize those elements.



Beta testing is still functioning if you allow the best test development team to hire an efficient beta testing team. The greater amount of work will lead to greater beta scale testing. After this, the increase in workflow increases the overall costs. This will also allow you to add tasks to your team schedule. However, the growth of the beta program will lead you to appoint a dedicated owner for the beta program and the entire team.

Marketing and Recruitment 

Beta tests need a full-fledged marketing plan and budget. This is dependent on the type and size of industries and market, even if it is in the same channel. The tactics and channels you utilise will alter as per the target audience and the size of the beta program.


One of the most important costs of beta testing is time. However, it is difficult to mention it in monetary terms. This is especially in the case of startups where quick speed and rapid iterations is of extreme significance and time is very less in supply.


One of the important ways to streamline your beta test is incorporating the correct software testing tools. Reporting/tracking software apps are important for the developmental process and don’t sustain important costs.

In the End…

It can be said that companies tend to hire the best beta testing companies to perform  flawless beta testing. 

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