Dragon Type Pokemon go – 5 Best Way to Catch Dragon Type Pokemon

Dragon type pokemon go Collection:

Whenever you encounter a wild pokemon, you can throw a poke ball. The player is rewarded with two types of currency after the encounter: Candy and Stardust. You can use these currencies to level up your pokemon. It used to be that a player could only reach level 40, but now it is level 50. Playing this game is all about collecting as many Pokemon as possible and filling up the most comprehensive pokemon logbook, Pokedex.

Pokemon Go dragon type:

Considering the fact that each pokemon has its own special strengths and weaknesses, there are 18 types of pokemon in total. There are many dragon type Pokemon in the Pokemon collection, and they are considered perfect attackers since they can destroy the other players.s. Even though they are stronger than Ice and Fairy, they are still weak to them.

When choosing a specific dragon type, you can select from several options. The distinctive moves of each dragon make them unique, making them unique in their own way. There is only one fast move and one charge move available to them when they enter battle. It is extremely hard to choose one as one of the strongest and most powerful dragons, but let’s take a look at the below-mentioned list and you decide which dragon is the strongest.


The dragon-type pokemon has a lilac coloration and is known for its ability to deal with massive damage. The high max CP combined with the attack oriented base stats make it a very powerful shield. As with many other species of pokemon, this fifth-gen Legendary has dual typing. For absolute damage from Reshiram, fire attacks are better.

To unleash maximum and extreme damage output, all you have to do is combine the fire fang with overheat. It will however cause slightly less destruction than Reshiram if you choose Dragon Breath or Draco Meteor. It also has no special weaknesses.


Salamence is the most popular pokemon go dragon since it can fly and is, of course, a dragon. Blue with red stripes on its neck and tail, it has a primarily blue appearance. In addition, its legs have grey stripes and its teeth are pointed.

When it is tired or sleepy, it stops flying and releases fire. When it is furious, it becomes uncontrollable. Moreover, Outrage and Dragon tale are also two of Salamence’s renowned moves.

Salamence has 19.7% more damage per second than Reshiram when each of these moves is combined. Its unique feature is the potential to be caught in the shadow form. It is the easiest of all, and it is a wonderful addition to any team.


Since it can evolve and hold any item at the same time, it is known for being one of the strongest species. Because it has a high base stat, it is well built. The majority of its time is spent flying in the sky. Rayquaza is able to adapt itself to a variety of situations thanks to its variety of moves, such as dragon, flying, and ground types.

Rayquaza has a major weakness against ice-type opponents. In any case, the grass and ground mashup is the best choice with type resistance of 39.1%. Rayquaza is undoubtedly a dragon type pokemon go that can satisfy most players.


The Garchomp dragon has a jet-like horn that resembles a horn. Garchomp can detect its prey from a long distance because of this feature. Flying as fast as a plane, it can catch its prey at amazing speeds.

However, It mostly lives in the cave but it is found in volcanic mountains too. It hunts for bird pokemon and is know to eat entire flocks of them. It sometimes fights with Salamence when they both are looking for food. Also, It can boast over 4400 max CP with a well-balanced base stat allocation allowing it to be of great health to be able to complement its high damage.

The final word on pokemon go dragon types

Garchomp can gain more damage than other pokemon species, so the player must be cautious when using it. Surely you are at the right place if you are seeking a dragon type Pokemon Go that deals impressive damage while having high durability.


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